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Friday, July 30, 2004

My Beloved Wrigley Field

In my humble opinion, there is no place better to watch a ballgame than Wrigley Field. Unfortunately in recent days the ballpark has come under intense scrutiny as it's infrastructure is showing signs of wear. Falling piece of concrete have been reported and netting has been put in place to protect fans. With Mayor Daley, a White Sox fan, threatening the Tribune Company and Cubs management one can only hope the problems are minor and treatable. I can't imagine the Cubs finally securing a place in the World Series and having done it using another ballpark. Wouldn't that be a typical slap in the face of all die-hard Cubs fans. You see, being a Cubs fan and love for Wrigley Field are intertwined. Like Mom, Apple Pie and the American Flag the Cubs and the ballpark are joined at the hip. Here are the developments:

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