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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Bob Kerrey on John Kerry

Former Senator and 9/11 commissioner Bob Kerrey (D) provided an interesting comment in reference to John Kerry's suggestion the commission should work another 18 months on it's proposals. Mr. Kerrey (Bob) says, "I love John Kerry and I intend to vote for him. My confidence in him was shaken when he said that we ought to work for 18 more months," said commission member Bob Kerrey. " If your confidence in the candidate is so shaken why are you voting for him? Mr. J. Kerry wants the commission to have a prominent role in doing what congress should do. Make adjustments and laws to implement some of the commission recommendations. The report is not a complete playbook for reform but a map. Hearings and testimony are what make proper legislation. But of course John Kerry can't show up to do his job so he wants someone else to do it for him. That's leadership???????

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