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Monday, August 23, 2004

Bush's Military Record and the Dem's

I am fed up with the Democrat's ripping the Presidents military record. They are defending the record of John Kerry which is highly questionable and ignoring the fact he, as a Naval Reservist, broke Federal and Military laws by admittedly meeting with the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong in Paris. I was a draftee myself. Many went to Canada to escape the draft. Many like Kerry got three Purple Hearts but completed full tours and didn't get out for superficial and self-inflicted wounds. Then Kerry became anti-war and anti-American and contributed to the further torture of POW's. He's has admitted to overstating his comments to the Senate in 1971 and contradicted himself many times in his own words and Senate testimony. Jimmy Carter gave amnesty to draft dodgers. The most infamous President of all time was a draft dodger. How does that honor our Vietnam dead? Democrats like to blame Richard Nixon for Vietnam, a war he inherited because Kennedy and Johnson started it. LBJ sent in 500,000 ground troops with over 56,000 dead plus MIA and POW never accounted for. And before that Kennedy authorized the assassination of the President of South Vietnam. Fact is, I know many people who elected reserve service to avoid regular active duty. John Kerry sought a deferment before he went into the Navy. George W. Bush asked for duty in Vietnam flying F-102 Jets but was short the 500 hour fly time to qualify. When he finally qualified the military removed the use of the F-102 in Vietnam. This information is totally ignored and the Democrats cry fowl because they don't like ads from independents against them. It's OK to spend $63 Million dollars before January 2004 smearing and attacking the President. It's OK to defend Michael Moore and the Hollywood sleaze, attend their anti-Bush gala, collect their money and tells us these people represent the moral values of middle America. Alec Baldwin, Whoopie Goldberg.....Middle America??? If you really examine things closely Democrat's are, in fact, the anti-defense, anti-military, tax increasing, pork belly enthusiasts who love the blame game but fail to take responsibility for their own actions. Stay safe America. Re-elect George W. Bush. Remember: 10 out of 10 Terrorists Prefer John Kerry!

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