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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Chicago's Democratic Machine

Mayor Daley, following inline with his legendary father, certainly has kept the infamous political machine running and well greased over the years. While Democrats nationally still pooh pooh over the 2000 election for President as "Stolen" one must ask itself about the word "Stolen" in an election. Afterall, the Daley machine perfected the art of filling the ballot box. It was Daley #1 who always stated at election time, "Don't forget to vote, and vote often." This was in reference to the many dead voters, and ghost voters whose names appeared on voting registers. It is well documented that ghost voting was rampant in Milwaukee and St. Louis in 2000. And of course Al Gore had a meltdown trying to keep the military votes in Florida from being counted. How soon we forget or how blatantly the politicians and liberal media ignore these small details. And don't let me forget the practice of keeping the polls open beyond the legal closing times. These are the tricks of the trade of the Daley machine which is mentored in other metropolitan areas of the country. This was all re-triggered today because Daley is caught once again attempting to divert attention away from his political patronage machine by blaming the reporting on Wrigley Field and falling concrete. What should really be reported this election year is the notorious habit of "Votes falling from the sky" in heavily Democratic wards in U.S. cities.,1,5704893.story?coll=chi-news-hed

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