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Monday, August 02, 2004

Derelection of Duty.......Book Review

"Derelection of Duty: The Eyewitness Account of How Bill Clinton Endangered America's Long-Term National Security" by Lt. Col. Robert Patterson (Retired) The introduction to this eye-opening book is as intriguing as any book on the indiscretions of Bill Clinton. We do find out, however, Bill Clinton was in fact, the biggest security risk to the United States. Not only was Clinton derelict in his duties, his staff was inept while selling our military secrets to the highest bidder. Lt. Colonel Patterson provides a short description of his military experience and delves right into security and the Clinton White House. We find out early that newspaper opinions, alleged "Right-Wing Conspiracies", and polls were more important than National Security. Oh, and golf. Patterson exposes Clinton for the cheat he really is, not only adultery, but in golf and life itself. He cheated the American citizens going beyond spin and into factual lies about our own nuclear threats. In addition to security this book highlights unnecessary world travels at exorbitant costs to taxpayers, the power of an abusive Co-President Hillary, groping female enlisted personnel aboard Air Force One, losing the nuclear code and more deceit and complacency. Patterson delivers a scathing report on the combined military experience of key White House staff (Zero) and his opinion on the draft dodging escapades of Clinton. Patterson is particularly upset with the total lack of respect for anything Military by the Administration. Lt. Colonel Patterson expected the Presidency to be of the high moral character he found in the military. He was honestly and rudely awakened by a President, who didn't respect himself, was self-indulgent and felt obliged to abuse his authority and bring shame on highest office in our land. Clinton's staff, from the lowest aide to senior staff, DOD and the First Family, transcended the total lack of respect for anything military. Hillary Clinton demanded, "No Military uniforms were to be worn in the White House." Military personnel of highest rank were not escorted through the White House but Hollywood guests were given red carpet protocol. Even the Vice-President was disrespectful to the military. Patterson demonstrates with facts how the Clinton-Gore team reduced the military strength by almost 300,000 troops, with a freeze on military pay forcing many families into assistance programs including foods stamps. While reducing the ability to sustain an adequate military force Clinton deployed troops to 5 times the number of foreign countries then in the years 1946 - 1991. Clinton's first military debacle turned into a book and movie by the name of "Blackhawk Down." After this came Rwanda and Haiti installing a socialist Anti-American President Aristide. The books Appendix has an excerpt from Caspar Weinberger whose expertise on military defense shines further light on the inept Clinton administration who tried to appease our enemies instead of demonstrate security through military strength. He details how Clinton thoroughly dismantled our military infrastructure putting our nation into an indefensible military position. Excellent and Chilling.......Read it soon.

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