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Friday, August 06, 2004

Forget Kerry's Vietman Record....NOT!

President Bush, John McCain and other Republicans are denouncing the recent ad by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. (See my other post) Kerry himself tried to have the ad stopped. How's that for freedom of speech. Kerry doesn't like this ad but is the beneficiary of $64 million in Bush attack ads which he has no problem with. And Kerry condones Moores disgusting fictional "documentary", and the uninformed Hollywood elites. If it's truth you want simply check Kerry's dismal voting record on defense over two decades. Yes, defense, military spending to protect ourselves. And if you wish to examine Kerry's character and his concern for our military all one has to check is his vote against $87 Billion for troops at war facing our enemies on a daily basis. That alone is impeachable and doing so for political gain is treasonous. If Kerry doesn't want his military record examined than he shouldn't have used it as the centerpiece for the DNC Convention. Why wasn't Jane Fonda a keynote speaker? Her presence would have fit in nicely with his post-military record. Afterall Kerry's indictment of Vietnam came with his admission of committing war crimes and indulged our enemy to use him to further emotionally torture our POW's. How's does Kerry account for that?

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