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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Is It Odd...Or Just Me?

John Kerry and his merry men and women are busy slamming the Swift Boat Veteran ads and accusing the President of coordinating these 527 ads, which would be illegal. One Veteran was volunteering on the Bush campaign and appeared on a Swift Boat ad. He was forced to leave his voluntary position on the campaign. Yesterday news broke that an election lawyer, Benjamin Ginsberg, who advises the Bush campaign and the Swift Boat Veterans, legally, has now resigned from his advisement duties to the campaign. Two days ago the President said he was not in favor of any 527 ads including the Swift boat ad. This wasn't good enough for the liberals. They want it stopped now!!! So why am I so confused? DNC lawyers serving in the same capacity as Mr. Ginsberg are not resigning. John Kerry is not condemning the 527 ads which have spent over $65 million since late last year slamming George Bush. Kerry and his camp are not condemning Hollywood, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Moore et al. What this tells me is really quite simple. Since his days in Vietnam, John Kerry has systematically choreographed his political future with lies, contradictions and whining like a spoiled child. He fails to take responsibility for his pathetic conduct as a war protestor, communist sympathizer, anti-military Senator.......well you get my drift. Besides, what do the Dems have against political debate and free speech? Here is the latest on Republicans taking the high road and the Dems NOT!

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