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Sunday, August 15, 2004

John Kerry and Your Taxes

When I attempt to discount John Kerry to liberals I become a victim of Vertigo. The spin is so intense, lacking any factual basis whatsoever, my physical balance becomes dangerously skewed. Let's simply look at John Kerry's one vote against the President's tax cuts. It's a package deal which has broad implications because it contains line items which affect a broad range of Americans. The tax bill contained the following:

  • Increase the child tax credit to help families
  • Reduce the marriage penalty (i.e. Couple w/2 kids making $40,000 reduced tax by 90%)
  • Creation of a lower 10% rate for working families
  • Reduced tax rate on dividends to 15% which helps alot of seniors (Kerry advocated eliminating the tax entirely just months before his vote NO)
  • Tax relief to help small businesses
  • Lowered the top marginal rate from 39.6% to 35% (7% higher than the top rate in 1986 which Kerry supported)
  • On July 18, 2000, Mr. Kerry voted against a bill that would have increased the standard deduction for married couples to double the standard deduction for singles


You have to dig deep to find this information on Kerry. Liberals don't want you to see it and they will spin the facts deeper than an offshore drilling bit. They keep referring to the tax cuts as benefiting only the rich. Theresa Heinz Kerry pays a tiny percentage of her "Riches" in taxes invoking the maze of tax breaks and loopholes in the code but her hubby votes against a bill which would help the average middle class family. The "Rich" Kerry's don't want you to even see the Heinz-Kerry tax documents.

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