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Friday, August 27, 2004

John O'Neil of Swift Boat Vets Speaks Out!

Following is a commentary by Mr. O'Neill, author of "Unfit For Command" (Regnery, 2004), a member of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. We formed Swift Boat Veterans For Truth for one purpose: to present to the American public our conclusion that John Kerry is not fit to be commander in chief. We are organized as a "527 group" with Adm. Roy Hoffmann at the helm, our leader today as he was some 35 years ago when we served under him in Coastal Squadron One in Vietnam. Our membership is transparent and shown on our Web site,, currently including more than 250 Swiftees. We have 17 of the 23 officers who served with Mr. Kerry, most of his chain of command, and most sailors. We have more than 60 winners of real Purple Hearts. No one has a better right than we do to speak to the matters involving our unit. Are we controlled by the Bush-Cheney campaign? Absolutely not. The Swift boat veterans who joined our group come in all political flavors: independents, Republicans, Democrats, and other more subtle variations. Had another person been the presidential candidate of the Democrats, our group never would have formed. Had Mr. Kerry been the Republican candidate, each of us would still be here. We do not take direction from the White House or the president's re-election committee, and our efforts would continue even if President Bush were to ask us directly to stop. Why have we come forward? As explained in "Unfit For Command," Mr. Kerry grossly exaggerated and lied about his abbreviated four-month tour in Vietnam. He disgraced all legitimate Vietnam War heroes when he falsely testified to Congress that we were war criminals, daily engaged in atrocities that had the full approval of all levels in the chain of command. So, once Mr. Kerry decided to apply for the commander in chief's job with a war-hero resumé, we felt compelled to come forward to explain why he is "unfit for command." We have faced assaults on our character, motives, personal backgrounds and honesty. We are told that Mr. Kerry's camp has prepared attack dossiers on the members of our organization. I have been charged with being a Republican shill. But for more than 30 years, I have been non-political, and have voted for as many Democrats as Republicans. In truth, I consider myself a political independent, regardless of how John Kerry and his supporters try to characterize me. The Kerry/Edwards camp has threatened TV stations with libel suits should they choose to run our ads. Mr. Kerry has filed a complaint with the FEC, seeking to silence us. How many different ways will John Kerry devise to ask President Bush to condemn our ads and squash our book? Why, Mr. Kerry, are our charges as a 527 group unacceptable to you, while the pronouncements from 527 groups favorable to you are considered acceptable, regardless of stridency and veracity? And we do not have a George Soros, willing to drop millions into our modest group. We control our message. To date, we have received $2 million from 30,000 Americans who have donated an average amount of around $64. Mr. Kerry, we ask you not to repeat the same mistake you made when you returned from war: Please stop maligning your fellow veterans. Dealing with us should be easy. Just answer our charges. Produce your Vietnam journal and notes, and execute Standard Form 180 so the American people can see your complete military record -- not just the few forms you put on your website or show to campaign biographers.

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Blogger tsali said...

John O'Neill is a lying sack of shite and even if your politics don't let you see it your common sense should. The question is why though.

Back in 1971 Kerry and O'Neill debated on the Dick Cavett show in regards to Nixon's policy of "Vietnamization". Kerry of course was the spokesmen for Vietname veterans against the War and O'Neill was Nixon's representative. If you have not seen it on the replays on C-SPAN its quite interesting. To keep the story short O'Neill did not find his ideas were going over the way he liked and ended up embarrassed.

Fast forward thirty years later and O'Neill is still upset at being embarrassed on national television starts his new fight against Kerry. His book and statements have no basis in fact and are in reality just hearsay and rumor. Do you really think someone would intentionally wound themselves for a medal on the off chance three decades later they'd be running for president? If so I'm suprised a adult man could be so naive.

Turn off the t.v. and radio for a second and look up the information for yourself. See the lies for they are, the slander of man's military service because he's running for public office.

9/01/2004 12:38:00 PM  

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