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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Kerry Camp and Media hypocrite's

A new Bush ad has appeared this week discussing post 9/11 and terrorism. Media "analysts" and pundits as well as the Kerry camp are invoking strong objections to use of 9/11 as Bush "desperation" for "looking backwards" instead of forwards. Kerry is using a history he carefully choreographed 30+ years ago as the centerpiece of his campaign. Who is looking back? For weeks the news and interviews are about his swift boat "heroism", Christmas in Camobodia and his war record. When he is questioned about this the dems and colleagues in the press invoke "unfairness." They are even trying to slip out of the noose around their necks from Kerry's lies to the Senate and the public at large about his medals and war record. He can't hide the facts as they leak out with hundreds of brother's in arms of the past coming forward to refute his record. George W. Bush didn't ask for 9/11. The incompetence of 8 years of Clinton/Gore brought us that. Mr. Bush was left picking up the pieces of a recession and terrorist buildup which occurred on the watch that Kerry supported. Simply look at his voting record. He also was part of the problem. President Bush is a War President, not of his own making. Kerry is telegraphing his plan to cut and run to the terrorists. A dangerous political statement to gain the power of the Presidency. Kerry claims there is no plan for peace while he only provides a statement of troop removal. Once again Kerry is a man without a plan. Only desperate statements are a part of his flip-flop rhetoric.

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