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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Kerry Flip-Flop State to State

Yesterday John Kerry once again flip flopped from one state to another, he just can't get it straight. Here's how President Bush explains it on the campaign trail. BUSH: It's going to be an interesting campaign. We have big differences of opinion. For example, we have a difference of opinion over the heart and soul of America. See, my opponents believe you can find the heart and soul of America in Hollywood. I think you can find it right here in Saginaw, Michigan. (Applause.) AUDIENCE: USA! USA! USA! THE PRESIDENT: That's not the only thing my opponent seems a little confused about. The other day in Ohio, he said that there's nothing better than Buckeye football, period. AUDIENCE: Booo! THE PRESIDENT: Then he came to Michigan. First he told the crowd, "I go for the Buckeye football. That's where I'm coming from." No, I know, that's not what the Michigan folks were expecting to hear. (Laughter.) Then he remembered where he was and he called an audible. (Laughter.) He said that the University of Michigan was a powerhouse of a team. You see, my opponent is a Washington politician who's taken both sides of just about every issue, including Big Ten football. (Applause.)

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