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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Kerry: Protestor Not Prosecutor of War On Terror

John Kerry is still the anti-war activist, bleeding heart Liberal that we see in old video clips with Dick Cavit, at the 1971 Senate hearings and his 19 year Senate voting record. These facts cannot be denied or swept under the rug. Kerry's speech is significant in that he speaks about defending our homeland when we are attacked, so waiting for the enemy to plan and carry out it's venegance on our homeland is his military mantra. Kerry's speech signals a Foreign Policy predicated on U.N. approval and "Allies" who vote against our policies at every turn. In fact, the "Allies" Mr. Kerry is referring to are Germany, France and Russia all countries who have significant participation and dealings with our enemies. These "Allies" have left fingerprints all over Iraq and have provided a means in which our soldiers are killed. Kerry's speech was also significant in what it didn't say. Missing were any reference to Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, Afganistan or Taliban. Hmmmmmmm......Where does Kerry stand?

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