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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Pooh Pooh Poor Boston Fans

I have read one too many articles from the Boston press corp and press/BoSox Fans ripping Nomar Garciaparra. First they are certainly an ungrateful bunch. Numbers don't lie and Nomar has superb numbers for a shortstop and for any other position player for that matter. The venom being spewed at this ballplayer who was the toast of the town for many years seems like a reflection of the Democratic Conventioneers behind the scenes spewing their Bush hatred. At the very least, Mr. Garciaparra has been very diplomatic in his press conferences and speaks repectfully of Boston. Maybe the new Boston ownership is simply clueless. They shopped Nomar publicly which is embarrassing in itself. Then they give him away and the Cubs paid next to nothing to have Nomar replace a huge gap in the position and batting order. And so much about his bad ankle. Well Mr. Theo IneptStein, I have watched Mr. Garciaparra streak down the first baseline and move from first to third very quickly. Not like the "gimp" you folks claim he is. And as far as defense, Nomar has made several extremely nice plays in just two games. His defense is excellent. He moves well laterally and in on short hop grounders. He is exemplary moving away from the infield on pop ups and across and out behind third to foul territory. Boston management should go take a view inside the looking glass. What they will see is number five wearing blue pinstripes and receiving the "Standing O" all over the country from adoring and appreciative Cub fans. Thank you Boston. Your loss is our ride to the post season.

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