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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Sammy Sosa......No Team Player Is He!

I have been a Chicago Cubs fan a very, very long time. A paying fan, TV fan, sometimes season ticket holder. Not so much a pundit but someone who understands the game of baseball, learned how to score a game at age 6, played, watched and studied the game enough to feel qualified to make this opinion. Sammy Sosa uses the word, "Respect" more than he ever uses the word, "Team." I will argue to my grave that Sammy Sosa is not a team player. This guy has an ego the size of the Sears Tower. He thinks he is "The Man" in Cub pinstripes. Some say he is already thinking about his 2006 option on his contract. No doubt. He sure isn't thinking about putting the ball in play. It is even obvious to my 86 year old mother that Sammy looks like a pouting youngster standing 2.5 feet off the plate while batting. It is also obvious much of this started with the arrival of Nomar Garciaparra, a two-time batting champion who consistently makes ball contact. A team player start to finish is Nomar. Oh Sammy makes his standard comments to compliment another player but he also made a glaring comment the day Nomar became a Cub. Something about who the leader on this team is, knowing your place. Ohhhhh Sammy, Sammy. With the state of baseball as a business for the prima donna player I root for the team, for the team name, for the uniform. I don't care about salaries, I care about slugging percentage. I don't care about options, I care about on base percentage. I don't care about contracts, I care about not leaving men in scoring position. When I do think about the money aspect of the game it happens when I hear the whining player talking about respect. Well Sammy Sosa. You damn well better respect the people who pay your salary. The FAN! Quit your belly aching and start playing the team sport you get paid so much to play. Quit your pouting and complaining and turn off your boom box, it's not your locker room. Start hitting for average, start putting the ball in play. In the clutch, you are consistently in the choke. Take the collar off or volunteer to go lower in the batting order. Because Sammy, the long suffering Cub fan wants to see the Blue Cub Pin Stripes in the World Series. I don't care who is wearing them because it's not about you Sammy. Not about your glory or your respect or what you want for yourself Sammy. It's all about the fans Sammy, the one's who pay your way. In the words of Donald Trump, if you don't produce, "YOUR FIRED!"

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