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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Then and Now....Kerry Puts Himself Ahead of Troops

John Kerry reenacted his alleged heroics in Vietnam by purchasing a movie camera and refilming scenes of him in Vietnam. This is telling in itself how large and self-serving his ego really is. Then he comes home and protests the war, lies in Senate hearings and his testimony was used to inflict emotional torture against U.S. POW's in the infamous Hanoi Hilton. Kerry also, while in the Navy Reserve, secretly met with the North Vietnamese in Paris. This is an offense, when found guilty, provides for the death penalty in military courts. He admitted this meeting did, in fact, occur. John Kerry, up against a front running Howard Dean last winter had a choice. Get on board with Howard Dean or fail miserably in the Democratic primary. Once again Kerry chose himself over 160,000 U.S. combat troops in harms way. How did he do this????? He voted against the $87 million bill to support the troops, providing body armor and other necessities to protect themselves and execute the war on terror. This was for the troops, for a war he voted to authorize. His political fortunes rebounded because, like the far left Democratic anti-military base, John Kerry did not support our fighting men and women. In addition to this, John Edwards was also one in four Senators who voted for the war but against this bill to bolster and protect our fighting troops. John Kerry is certainly Unfit for Command and his documented words and actions prove this out. He is a traitor. Follow the link below for more FACTS!

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