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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

General Tommy Franks Endorses George W. Bush

Tonight General Tommy Franks endorsed George W. Bush for President because of his "consistency, persistence, backing of all the military, and steadfast leadership in very grave times." On August 8th General Franks said John Kerry was qualified to be Commander-In-Chief. In his latest interview it's apparent Mr. Franks has had a change of heart and realized what it's takes for real leadership and that individual already resides in the White House. News Flash! Organizers of the Republican convention have added to the schedule retired Gen. Tommy Franks , former commander of forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, who will speak Thursday.

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Crazy Like a FOX

Watching the news and RNC today I couldn't help but wonder how narrow minded and uninformed protestors who march on FOX News in NY really are. I'm a conservative who consistently watches Brit Hume and sit fuming at times because part of his political panel is made up of Liberals who come off one-sided with complete lack of reality based facts to present. Other shows on FOX as well have their share of Liberal faces and slant. The "FOX All-Stars of Hume have, at times, Mara Laison (NPR), Cici Connelly (Wash Post), Mort Kondracke (Roll Call/Moderate), Jeff Bernbaum (Wash Post/Moderate) and the most far left liberal I have seen in Juan Williams (NPR). Williams is a guy who has one point of view and makes a fool of himself consistently with statements that have zero factual basis but support left leaning ideas. He alone swings the commentary of Brit Hume, Wm. Crystal or Fred Barnes back to center but almost more left. FOX also has the likes of Geraldo Rivera, Greta Van Sustern, and the far left Alan Colmes. This little group, recruited from left leaning stations helps fill out some of the fair and balanced. Granted, much of FOX shows support for a more conservative to centrist idealogue in the political realm. When compared to the rest of the media who admits to being Liberal, FOX doesn't come close to balancing out the field. Like the Swift Boat ads, one versus the many is simply to much for Liberals to handle. Off they go crying foul when the very few present other values than their own. Fair and Balanced to the Liberals is having no other viewpoint than their own. Like Juan Williams of NPR a Liberal must raise their voice, shout, scream and make noise so they feel heard. Problem is, they have nothing factual to say.

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A Contrast In Parties and Philosphy

The first prominent speakers at the Republican Convention in NY were tremendous. A surprise to me was actor and sometimes Liberal, Ron Silver. His speech was dramatic and he did not back off by pretending "Political Correctness." Mr. Silver shot from the hip and hit the bullseye. John McCain and Rudy Guiliani followed with wonderful speeches about America, War on Terror, Leadership and the reality of the world we live in now. They pulled no punches. These are men who have served in crisis and have proven leadership qualities. They described these same qualities in George W. Bush because they qualify to do so. They have credibility. The Two Parties

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Monday, August 30, 2004

YIPPEE! The Week of the Republicans!!!!!

I am excited the focus will be on the Republican Party but I am sure the main stream press will focus outside of Madison Square Garden on the anti-Bush forces protesting in the street. I can imagine much of the left is praying for riots in the streets, 1968 Chicago, revisited. This, in their minds, would play well for the pro-Dem forces. Much is said the conventions are alot about nothing but I am looking forward to speeches by Rudy Guiliani, John McCain, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Laura Bush, Zell Miller, Vice-President Dick Cheney and our President. I hope they all make a positive mark on the undecided voters to capture their confidence and vote. The War On Terror is not going away. This election is a referendum on what American's believe will provide us safety, something we need first to protect all the other wonderful freedom's we enjoy as American's.

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Kerry's Damage To Vietnam Veterans

Here is a quote from James Webb, a genuine hero of the Vietnam war (Navy Cross), the author of Fields of Fire, the best novel about Vietnam, and secretary of the Navy during the Reagan administration, observed in a recent National Public Radio editorial: "For most veterans it was not that Kerry was against the war, but that he used his military credentials to denigrate the service of a whole generation of veterans. The Vietnam Veterans Against the War was a very small, highly radical organization. Their stories of atrocious conduct, repeated in lurid detail by Kerry before the Congress, represented not the typical experience of the American soldier, but its ugly extreme. That the articulate, urbane Kerry would validate such allegations helped to make life hell for many Vietnam veterans, for a very long time." Fahrenheit 1971

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The Radical John Kerry

From Self-Glorified Veteran to Anti-War, Anti-American, Communist Sympathizer....... We will not quickly join those who march on Veterans' Day waving small flags, calling to memory those thousands who died for the "greater glory of the United States." We will not accept the rhetoric. We will not readily join the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars--in fact, we will find it hard to join anything at all and when we do, we will demand relevancy such as other organizations have recently been unable to provide. We will not take solace from the creation of monuments or the naming of parks after a select few of the thousands of dead Americans and Vietnamese. We will not uphold the traditions which decorously memorialize that which was base and grim. . . . We are asking America to turn from false glory, hollow victory, fabricated foreign threats, fear which threatens us as a nation, shallow pride which feeds of fear. John F. Kerry Epilogue to The New Soldier (1971) Fahrenheit 1971

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Mr. Kerry's "V" for Valor.....His Version

Title 19, U.S. Code, Section 1001, the law states: "Whoever, in any manner within the jurisdiction of the executive, legislative, or judicial branch of the United States, knowingly and willfully ... makes or uses any false writing or document knowing the same to contain any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or entry, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 5 years or both." Taking a much closer look, John Kerry's DD 214 has a glaring and significant bit of information on his military record and silver star. Washington Times OP/ED

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Friday, August 27, 2004

John O'Neil of Swift Boat Vets Speaks Out!

Following is a commentary by Mr. O'Neill, author of "Unfit For Command" (Regnery, 2004), a member of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. We formed Swift Boat Veterans For Truth for one purpose: to present to the American public our conclusion that John Kerry is not fit to be commander in chief. We are organized as a "527 group" with Adm. Roy Hoffmann at the helm, our leader today as he was some 35 years ago when we served under him in Coastal Squadron One in Vietnam. Our membership is transparent and shown on our Web site,, currently including more than 250 Swiftees. We have 17 of the 23 officers who served with Mr. Kerry, most of his chain of command, and most sailors. We have more than 60 winners of real Purple Hearts. No one has a better right than we do to speak to the matters involving our unit. Are we controlled by the Bush-Cheney campaign? Absolutely not. The Swift boat veterans who joined our group come in all political flavors: independents, Republicans, Democrats, and other more subtle variations. Had another person been the presidential candidate of the Democrats, our group never would have formed. Had Mr. Kerry been the Republican candidate, each of us would still be here. We do not take direction from the White House or the president's re-election committee, and our efforts would continue even if President Bush were to ask us directly to stop. Why have we come forward? As explained in "Unfit For Command," Mr. Kerry grossly exaggerated and lied about his abbreviated four-month tour in Vietnam. He disgraced all legitimate Vietnam War heroes when he falsely testified to Congress that we were war criminals, daily engaged in atrocities that had the full approval of all levels in the chain of command. So, once Mr. Kerry decided to apply for the commander in chief's job with a war-hero resumé, we felt compelled to come forward to explain why he is "unfit for command." We have faced assaults on our character, motives, personal backgrounds and honesty. We are told that Mr. Kerry's camp has prepared attack dossiers on the members of our organization. I have been charged with being a Republican shill. But for more than 30 years, I have been non-political, and have voted for as many Democrats as Republicans. In truth, I consider myself a political independent, regardless of how John Kerry and his supporters try to characterize me. The Kerry/Edwards camp has threatened TV stations with libel suits should they choose to run our ads. Mr. Kerry has filed a complaint with the FEC, seeking to silence us. How many different ways will John Kerry devise to ask President Bush to condemn our ads and squash our book? Why, Mr. Kerry, are our charges as a 527 group unacceptable to you, while the pronouncements from 527 groups favorable to you are considered acceptable, regardless of stridency and veracity? And we do not have a George Soros, willing to drop millions into our modest group. We control our message. To date, we have received $2 million from 30,000 Americans who have donated an average amount of around $64. Mr. Kerry, we ask you not to repeat the same mistake you made when you returned from war: Please stop maligning your fellow veterans. Dealing with us should be easy. Just answer our charges. Produce your Vietnam journal and notes, and execute Standard Form 180 so the American people can see your complete military record -- not just the few forms you put on your website or show to campaign biographers.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Dodge Ball.....John Kerry Style

It's already well-defined John Kerry has perfected double-speak and flip-flop. He is even joking about it with Jon Stewart on the Daly Show. Now Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard places his take on the venerable two-face. It's Getting a Bit Dodgy

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Fantasty Island..Now Playing at the DNC

Anne Coulter writes a hilarious column about Democrats who have a history of inflating their military service records. It's amazing how only a few in the press ever report it. BALLAD OF THE FRENCH BERETS

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Is It Odd...Or Just Me?

John Kerry and his merry men and women are busy slamming the Swift Boat Veteran ads and accusing the President of coordinating these 527 ads, which would be illegal. One Veteran was volunteering on the Bush campaign and appeared on a Swift Boat ad. He was forced to leave his voluntary position on the campaign. Yesterday news broke that an election lawyer, Benjamin Ginsberg, who advises the Bush campaign and the Swift Boat Veterans, legally, has now resigned from his advisement duties to the campaign. Two days ago the President said he was not in favor of any 527 ads including the Swift boat ad. This wasn't good enough for the liberals. They want it stopped now!!! So why am I so confused? DNC lawyers serving in the same capacity as Mr. Ginsberg are not resigning. John Kerry is not condemning the 527 ads which have spent over $65 million since late last year slamming George Bush. Kerry and his camp are not condemning Hollywood, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Moore et al. What this tells me is really quite simple. Since his days in Vietnam, John Kerry has systematically choreographed his political future with lies, contradictions and whining like a spoiled child. He fails to take responsibility for his pathetic conduct as a war protestor, communist sympathizer, anti-military Senator.......well you get my drift. Besides, what do the Dems have against political debate and free speech? Here is the latest on Republicans taking the high road and the Dems NOT!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

John Kerry's Boomerang

The issue here, as I have heard it raised, is was he present and active on duty in Alabama at the times he was supposed to be. ... Just because you get an honorable discharge does not in fact answer that question. --John Kerry, questioning President Bush's military-service record, February 8, 2004. A good rule in politics is that anyone who picks a fight ought to be prepared to finish it. But having first questioned Mr. Bush's war service, and then made Vietnam the core of his own campaign for President, Mr. Kerry now cries No mas! because other Vietnam vets are assailing his behavior before and after that war. What did Mr. Kerry expect, anyway? That claiming to be a hero himself while accusing other veterans of "war crimes" -- as he did back in 1971 and has refused to take back ever since -- would somehow go unanswered? That when he raised the subject of one of America's most contentious modern events, no one would meet him at the barricades? Mr. Kerry brought the whole thing up; why is it Mr. Bush's obligation now to shut it down? Simply because some rich Bush-backers are funding Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is hardly an adequate answer. Some rich Kerry-backers are spending far more to attack Mr. Bush's record, and the Senator was only too happy to slipstream behind Michael Moore's smear that Mr. Bush was a Vietnam-era "deserter." Anyone who spends five minutes reading the Swift Boat Veterans' book ("Unfit for Command") will quickly realize that their attack has nothing to do with Mr. Bush. This is all about Mr. Kerry and what the veterans believe was his blood libel against their service when he told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the spring of 1971 that all American soldiers had committed war crimes as a matter of official policy. "Crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command" were among his incendiary words. Mr. Kerry has never offered proof of those charges, yet he has never retracted them either. At his recent coronation in Boston he managed the oxymoronic feat of celebrating both his own war-fighting valor and his antiwar activities when he returned home. This is why the Swifties are so incensed, and this is why no less than World War II veteran Bob Dole joined the fray on the weekend to ask that Mr. Kerry apologize for his unproven accusations. There's also little doubt that he has exaggerated some of his exploits -- especially that Christmas in Cambodia sojourn we now know never happened -- even to the strange extent of restaging events while in Vietnam so he could film them for political posterity. Modesty is not one of his virtues, in contrast to Mr. Dole and other modern veteran candidates who did not flaunt their noble service. But whatever doubts still exist could probably be put to rest if Mr. Kerry simply released all of his service records. The irony here is that a main reason Mr. Kerry has focused so much on Vietnam is to avoid debating Iraq and the rest of his long record in the Senate. He wants Americans to believe that a four-month wartime biography is credential enough to be commander-in-chief. But a candidate who runs on biography can't merely pick the months of his life that he likes -- any more than a candidate who makes Vietnam the heart of his campaign can confine the resulting debate to his personal home video.

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Monday, August 23, 2004

Bush's Military Record and the Dem's

I am fed up with the Democrat's ripping the Presidents military record. They are defending the record of John Kerry which is highly questionable and ignoring the fact he, as a Naval Reservist, broke Federal and Military laws by admittedly meeting with the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong in Paris. I was a draftee myself. Many went to Canada to escape the draft. Many like Kerry got three Purple Hearts but completed full tours and didn't get out for superficial and self-inflicted wounds. Then Kerry became anti-war and anti-American and contributed to the further torture of POW's. He's has admitted to overstating his comments to the Senate in 1971 and contradicted himself many times in his own words and Senate testimony. Jimmy Carter gave amnesty to draft dodgers. The most infamous President of all time was a draft dodger. How does that honor our Vietnam dead? Democrats like to blame Richard Nixon for Vietnam, a war he inherited because Kennedy and Johnson started it. LBJ sent in 500,000 ground troops with over 56,000 dead plus MIA and POW never accounted for. And before that Kennedy authorized the assassination of the President of South Vietnam. Fact is, I know many people who elected reserve service to avoid regular active duty. John Kerry sought a deferment before he went into the Navy. George W. Bush asked for duty in Vietnam flying F-102 Jets but was short the 500 hour fly time to qualify. When he finally qualified the military removed the use of the F-102 in Vietnam. This information is totally ignored and the Democrats cry fowl because they don't like ads from independents against them. It's OK to spend $63 Million dollars before January 2004 smearing and attacking the President. It's OK to defend Michael Moore and the Hollywood sleaze, attend their anti-Bush gala, collect their money and tells us these people represent the moral values of middle America. Alec Baldwin, Whoopie Goldberg.....Middle America??? If you really examine things closely Democrat's are, in fact, the anti-defense, anti-military, tax increasing, pork belly enthusiasts who love the blame game but fail to take responsibility for their own actions. Stay safe America. Re-elect George W. Bush. Remember: 10 out of 10 Terrorists Prefer John Kerry!

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Bush Country by Larry Gatlin

Below is a reprint from Larry Gatilin, Country Western Singer Since Bruce Springsteen is about to "Rock the Vote" for John Kerry, I'd be only too happy to start booking my motel rooms to hit the road for George W. Bush. With my brothers Steve and Rudy, my buddies the Oak Ridge Boys, Lee Greenwood, Mark Wills and any number of other country music artists who get their support from the Heartland, I'm going to find the time, come fall, to tell America that we're playing, and praying, for President Bush. Musicians can be political, and when the right time comes -- and the right cause -- they will be. But while I respect Bruce Springsteen's artistry and even his opinions on the current political situation (as expressed not long back in the New York Times), I see the world differently. Here's my take. The intel on Iraq that President Bush saw raised red flags to some analysts and doubt in others. Some said there was an imminent threat, some said there was not. I believe that if one of Mr. Springsteen's friends were to swear to him that his house was on fire and another that it was not, he, or anybody, would surely check it out. Well, our house was on fire. President Bush and an army of "the good guys and the good gals" checked it out. Big Time. And as a result, the bad guys have not been able to set our house on fire again. To say, as John Kerry has, that "If attacked I will respond decisively" is not enough in today's world. Good Lord, Senator Kerry -- Barney Fife would respond decisively if we were attacked again! President Bush had the strength of will and courage to preemptively take out those who would attack us. I say "Rock on, Mr. President" (you too, Bruce). Keep checking out the bad guys and let Barney keep peace in Mayberry (a little humor in the middle of a very serious situation). My gratitude to the president isn't confined to his role in keeping us safe. His tax cuts have helped all Americans who pay federal income taxes and have jump-started an economy that was in recession through no fault of President Bush. Those who refuse to see that have their heads in the sand and a "Kerry for President" bumper sticker on their SUVs. (I'd say the former condition is pretty much a prerequisite for the latter.) I'm no economist, but I do know two things for sure: I never got a job from a poor man; and the more money people have in their pockets, the more jobs they create by spending that money. President Bush's attempts at education reform have been thwarted at every turn for fear that vouchers might actually work. (Imagine that, Ted Kennedy!) His faith-based initiatives tried to help those who can't help themselves, only to be "shot down" for fear that someone might get well and that God might have something to do with it. I was lucky. I had the money for my little "28-day vacation in pajamas" 20 years ago. There are millions out there who are not so lucky. So they die in the back streets of America for want of help. God only knows how many. (But there's the rub -- we can't say God and government on the same page.) In closing, I'd say this to Bruce Springsteen: We do have something in common -- we were both "Born in the USA." From the bottom of my heart I say, Thank God. Mr. Gatlin is the lead singer for The Gatlin Brothers, the Grammy Award-winning country music group.

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

The Bush Doctrine and Why We Need to Win the War

The link below takes you to a 38 page essay by Norman Podhoretz entitled, "World War IV: How It Started, What It Means, and Why We Have to Win. Not to be missed, this essay puts together for the first time the full story of the war and the case for the Bush Doctrine, answers the arguments of the critics, and lays out what is at stake in the struggle ahead. Must reading for the election season. This is a profound and well laid out thesis. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open up the link. Well worth you while.

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A John Kerry Movie Review from 1979

Included in this blog is a Boston Globe movie review in 1979 by John Kerry on the movie by Francis Ford Coppola, "Apocalypse Now." In addition, I have added some testimony from John Kerry where he strays from his previous accounts of his wartime experience. "Francis Coppola brings us Apocalypse Now the same way the politicians and generals brought us the war in Vietnam," Kerry wrote, "by spending a lot of money, displaying a lot of technical razzle-dazzle, and by losing all sense of proportion and direction." Plus, "Coppola's Vietnam is devoid of reality and feeling." Kerry served in Vietnam from November 1968 to March 1969, and he related Coppola's movie to his own experience. "On more than one occasion," he went on, "I, like Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now, took my patrol boat into Cambodia." Kerry continued: "In fact I remember spending Christmas Eve of 1968 five miles across the Cambodian border being shot at by our South Vietnamese allies who were drunk and celebrating Christmas. The absurdity of almost being killed by our own allies in a country in which President Nixon claimed there were no American troops was very real." It was that same absurdity which Coppola failed to capture in the film, Kerry said. The problem with this review and personal experience comparison is this. His implied chronology was off. President Nixon didn't claim there were no American troops in Cambodia in December 1968. Indeed, he couldn't have. He wasn't president until January 20, 1969. Nevertheless, Kerry continued to recount his Christmas Eve adventure in the waters of Cambodia after he was elected to the Senate in 1984. Further repudiation of Kerry's imagination is his Senate testimony of March 27, 1986. "Mr. President, I remember Christmas of 1968 sitting on a gunboat in Cambodia," Kerry began. "I remember what it was like to be shot at by Vietnamese and Khmer Rouge and Cambodians, and have the president of the United States telling the American people that I was not there; the troops were not in Cambodia. I have that memory, which is seared--seared--in me," he went on, "that says to me, before we send another generation into harm's way, we have a responsibility in the United States Senate to go the last step, to make the best effort possible in order to avoid that kind of conflict." Years later, September 4, 1997, in a Senate Subcommittee hearing Kerry said, "I first was introduced to Cambodia when I spent Christmas Eve of 1968 in a river in Cambodia during the Vietnam conflict. Kerry was impressed with what he saw. "I found it to be a rather remarkable and very beautiful country which had an allure to me, and to many others," he told his fellow lawmakers, "which has been sustained through those years." But alas, Kerry's own authorized biographer, Douglas Brinkley in his book "Tour of Duty" writes, Christmas Eve, 1968, turned out to be memorable for the men of PCF-44 [the boat Kerry commanded] though not in the jingle-bells sense folks were enjoying back home. The only concession to the holiday spirit was that morning's rare breakfast of scrambled eggs, after which the crew headed their Swift north up the Co Chien River to its junction with the My Tho only miles from the Cambodian border. Because they were only an hour away from that neighboring country, Kerry began reading up on Cambodia's history in a book he had borrowed from the floating barracks in An Thoi. In the final analysis, not a single Swift boat commander or crewmate of Kerry's has stepped forward to confirm that John Kerry was in Cambodia on Christmas Eve 1968. The Kerry campaign has even issued a statement contradicting the Cambodian claim. In 1994 in an interview with the Providence Journal Bulletin Kerry states, "Stupid Vietnamese were celebrating Christmas by shooting tracers, fifty-caliber, right up into the air," Kerry went on, "and the goddamned things were coming right over our head. That was a wild night. That was a night like right out of Apocalypse Now." John Kerry wants his campaign for President to be a referendum on his Vietnam service record. He is now getting his wish. Years of dubious reporting by himself and his anti-war record are now resurfacing. With enough scrutiny and thorough investigative reporting the real John Kerry will have to stand up. And America........It's not pretty.

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Saturday, August 21, 2004

John Kerry is Waving The Bloody Shirt

John Kerry is busy acting the great war hero but was actually quite well known as a war protestor seen with the likes of Hanoi Jane Fonda, wearing Army fatigues draped with ribbons/medals he claimed were thrown over a fence at the Capitol. Why, as a Naval Reservist he admits meeting in Paris with representatives of North Vietnam and the Viet Cong, our enemy. These were grounds for court martial, trial for treason with a possibility for the death penalty. He broke Federal and Military Laws. Kerry's voting record in the Senate exemplifies the facts he is anti-military as well as anti-defense. So read on by clicking the link below for more on the bloody shirt and why he is unqualified to be Commander-In-Chief.

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Friday, August 20, 2004

John Kerry.....Fiction and Fantasy

Is John Kerry dreaming of being Martin Sheen's Capt. Willard in "Apocalypse Now" or Martin Sheen's President Bartlett in "West Wing"? That is the thing about dreams: They merge and twist and generally lack linear reality. Kerry's lies are catching up with him and he is appearing to be riding his own Magical Mystery Tour and oh my goodness, where is the Walrus? Or was Kerry not on a Swift Boat but commandeering the Yellow Submarine. Kerry wants so badly to be the Leader of the Band but is he really Sergeant Pepper afterall? Read this article to see the odd comparisons to Kerry's world and TV/Movie fiction and drama.

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Swift Boat Challenge to John Kerry Part 3

Part 3 exerpts are offered in the link below from the book, "Unfit for Command". Part 1 and 2 are offered from the previous two days by scrolling down further in this blog. Thanks for reading.

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Swift Boat Challenge to John Kerry Part 2

Part 2 exerpts are offered in the link below from the book, "Unfit for Command". Part 1 is offered from the previous day by scrolling down further in this blog. Thanks for reading.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Swift Boat Challenge to John Kerry Part I

A number of the combat commanders, fellow officers and other men who served with Sen. John Kerry in Vietnam have challenged his accounts of combat heroism in a new book, "Unfit for Command" (Regnery Publishing), by John E. O´Neill, who took over command of Swift Boat PCF 94 from Lt. Kerry, and Jerome R. Corsi, a political scientist who has written extensively about the Vietnam War protest movement. Each of these excerpts from "Unfit for Command" includes comparisons of Mr. Kerry´s earlier published accounts to recollections of others who served with him. Excerpt # one:

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Strength At Home by Ben Stein

Following is a letter by Ben Stein to the wives of our soldiers. It's very touching and extremely well done. I hope many wives have read it and understand our hearts are with them. Dear Karen, I have a great life. I have a wife I adore, a son who is a lazy teenager but I adore him, too. We live in a house with two dogs and four cats. We live in peace. We can worship as we please. We can say what we want. We can walk the streets in safety. We can vote. We can work wherever we want and buy whatever we want. When we sleep, we sleep in peace. When we wake up, it is to the sounds of birds. All of this, every bit of it, is thanks to your husband, his brave fellow soldiers, and to the wives who keep the home fires burning while the soldiers are away protecting my family and 140 million other families. They protect Republicans and Democrats, Christians, Jews, Muslims and atheists. They protect white, black, yellow, brown and everyone in between. They protect gays and straights, rich and poor. And none of it could happen without the Army wives, Marine wives, Navy wives, Air Force wives -- or husbands -- who go to sleep tired and lonely, wake up tired and lonely, and go through the day with a smile on their faces. They feed the kids, put up with the teenagers' surliness, the bills that never stop piling up, the desperate hours when the plumbing breaks and there is no husband to fix it, and the even more desperate hours after the kids have gone to bed, the dishes have been done, the bills have been paid, and the wives realize that they will be sleeping alone -- again, for the 300th night in a row. The wives keep up the fight even when they have to move every couple of years, even when their checks are late, even when they have to make a whole new set of friends every time they move. And they keep up the fight to keep the family whole even when they feel a lump of dread every time they turn on the news, every time they switch on the computer, every time the phone rings and every time -- worst of all -- the doorbell rings. Every one of those events -- which might mean a baseball score or a weather forecast or a FedEx man to me and my wife -- might mean the news that the man they love, the man they have married for better or worse, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, is now parted from them forever. These women will never be on the cover of People. They will never be on the tabloid shows on TV about movie stars. But they are the power and the strength that keep America going. Without them, we are nothing at all. With them, we can do everything. They are the glue that holds the nation together, stronger than politicians, stronger than talking heads, stronger than al Qaeda. They deserve all the honor and love a nation can give. They have my prayers, and my wife's, every morning and every night. Love, and I do mean Love, Ben.

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Monday, August 16, 2004

Meet John Edwards....Meet Extreme Health Care Costs

The likes of John Edwards and his fellow litigators gone overboard trial lawyer pals have played a key part in rising health care costs and lack of a viable source of medical care in many communities around the U.S. While Democrats talk about rising medical costs and lack of insurance, they don't have to go far to evaluate much of the problem. After all, they have John Edwards and his legal colleagues to embrace. Click the link for more:

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Mr. Kerry's European Pals

An often unadvertised event which doesn't make front page news in mainstream media print is in the European Union. France and Germany are no longer calling the shots. Almost none of the duo's central demands were met during EU reorganization while all important economic positions went to avowed free-marketers in recent realignment of the Unions commission. It all began when 10 new members, mostly from the former Communist East, joined the EU in May. In contrast to Paris and Berlin, the newcomers pursue largely free-market policies and support the U.S. war in Iraq. The winds have shifted in Europe and John Kerry's real pals, France and Germany are looking straight into it.

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Kerry Tax Policy.....Already Damaging the Markets

Senator Kerry has openly stated his desire to eliminate the Bush tax cuts for "the rich." Kerry can't grasp that taxes are a price and a burden. The exactions we pay on our incomes are the price we pay for working. The levies we fork over for profits and capital gains are the price we pay for success and for taking risks that pan out. The idea behind tax cuts is very simple: Lower the burden on such good things as productive work, risk-taking and success, and you'll get more of them. Every time in American history that we've lowered tax rates on capital and labor, the economy has blossomed. Most of the people in the top 1% of earners are business owners and entrepreneurs, not just high-income individuals with trivial business income on the side. In fact, business owners pay 55% of all income taxes. And how does Senator Kerry propose to treat these small-business people who create most of our jobs and pay most of our income taxes? Kick them in the teeth with higher taxes. Raising taxes works! For Democrats, this is akin to a drunk hearing the news that more drinking means better health. Make no mistake; the contrasts between Bush and Kerry are very, very real. If the Massachusetts senator wins, the U.S. and the world will pay the equivalent of hundreds of billions of dollars in lost economic growth and equity values.

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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Sammy Sosa......No Team Player Is He!

I have been a Chicago Cubs fan a very, very long time. A paying fan, TV fan, sometimes season ticket holder. Not so much a pundit but someone who understands the game of baseball, learned how to score a game at age 6, played, watched and studied the game enough to feel qualified to make this opinion. Sammy Sosa uses the word, "Respect" more than he ever uses the word, "Team." I will argue to my grave that Sammy Sosa is not a team player. This guy has an ego the size of the Sears Tower. He thinks he is "The Man" in Cub pinstripes. Some say he is already thinking about his 2006 option on his contract. No doubt. He sure isn't thinking about putting the ball in play. It is even obvious to my 86 year old mother that Sammy looks like a pouting youngster standing 2.5 feet off the plate while batting. It is also obvious much of this started with the arrival of Nomar Garciaparra, a two-time batting champion who consistently makes ball contact. A team player start to finish is Nomar. Oh Sammy makes his standard comments to compliment another player but he also made a glaring comment the day Nomar became a Cub. Something about who the leader on this team is, knowing your place. Ohhhhh Sammy, Sammy. With the state of baseball as a business for the prima donna player I root for the team, for the team name, for the uniform. I don't care about salaries, I care about slugging percentage. I don't care about options, I care about on base percentage. I don't care about contracts, I care about not leaving men in scoring position. When I do think about the money aspect of the game it happens when I hear the whining player talking about respect. Well Sammy Sosa. You damn well better respect the people who pay your salary. The FAN! Quit your belly aching and start playing the team sport you get paid so much to play. Quit your pouting and complaining and turn off your boom box, it's not your locker room. Start hitting for average, start putting the ball in play. In the clutch, you are consistently in the choke. Take the collar off or volunteer to go lower in the batting order. Because Sammy, the long suffering Cub fan wants to see the Blue Cub Pin Stripes in the World Series. I don't care who is wearing them because it's not about you Sammy. Not about your glory or your respect or what you want for yourself Sammy. It's all about the fans Sammy, the one's who pay your way. In the words of Donald Trump, if you don't produce, "YOUR FIRED!"

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John Kerry and Your Taxes

When I attempt to discount John Kerry to liberals I become a victim of Vertigo. The spin is so intense, lacking any factual basis whatsoever, my physical balance becomes dangerously skewed. Let's simply look at John Kerry's one vote against the President's tax cuts. It's a package deal which has broad implications because it contains line items which affect a broad range of Americans. The tax bill contained the following:

  • Increase the child tax credit to help families
  • Reduce the marriage penalty (i.e. Couple w/2 kids making $40,000 reduced tax by 90%)
  • Creation of a lower 10% rate for working families
  • Reduced tax rate on dividends to 15% which helps alot of seniors (Kerry advocated eliminating the tax entirely just months before his vote NO)
  • Tax relief to help small businesses
  • Lowered the top marginal rate from 39.6% to 35% (7% higher than the top rate in 1986 which Kerry supported)
  • On July 18, 2000, Mr. Kerry voted against a bill that would have increased the standard deduction for married couples to double the standard deduction for singles


You have to dig deep to find this information on Kerry. Liberals don't want you to see it and they will spin the facts deeper than an offshore drilling bit. They keep referring to the tax cuts as benefiting only the rich. Theresa Heinz Kerry pays a tiny percentage of her "Riches" in taxes invoking the maze of tax breaks and loopholes in the code but her hubby votes against a bill which would help the average middle class family. The "Rich" Kerry's don't want you to even see the Heinz-Kerry tax documents.

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Blog Away!

Well now. We are here writing blog and reading blog. Why do we do it? Who is doing it? And what's it all about? Here is a nice article discussing the phenomena of blogging, who's doing it and it's future.

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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Then and Now....Kerry Puts Himself Ahead of Troops

John Kerry reenacted his alleged heroics in Vietnam by purchasing a movie camera and refilming scenes of him in Vietnam. This is telling in itself how large and self-serving his ego really is. Then he comes home and protests the war, lies in Senate hearings and his testimony was used to inflict emotional torture against U.S. POW's in the infamous Hanoi Hilton. Kerry also, while in the Navy Reserve, secretly met with the North Vietnamese in Paris. This is an offense, when found guilty, provides for the death penalty in military courts. He admitted this meeting did, in fact, occur. John Kerry, up against a front running Howard Dean last winter had a choice. Get on board with Howard Dean or fail miserably in the Democratic primary. Once again Kerry chose himself over 160,000 U.S. combat troops in harms way. How did he do this????? He voted against the $87 million bill to support the troops, providing body armor and other necessities to protect themselves and execute the war on terror. This was for the troops, for a war he voted to authorize. His political fortunes rebounded because, like the far left Democratic anti-military base, John Kerry did not support our fighting men and women. In addition to this, John Edwards was also one in four Senators who voted for the war but against this bill to bolster and protect our fighting troops. John Kerry is certainly Unfit for Command and his documented words and actions prove this out. He is a traitor. Follow the link below for more FACTS!

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Friday, August 13, 2004

Brother's Band Together Against Kerry

Anne Coulter has a great commentary discussing the Media and Democrats aversion to Freedom of the Press and Free Speech. What's good for the Goose is not Good for the Gander apparently. What Democrat's have to fear most is...... Democrat's.

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Kerry on Thin Ice While Aiding the Enemy

Mr. Kerry is now talking openly about bringing U.S. troops home from Iraq. He offered the hint of such a plan during his Boston speech, but now he's putting a timetable on it, saying he'd begin the drawdown within six months of his inauguration. "I believe that within a year from now, we could significantly reduce American forces in Iraq, and that's my plan," he said this week. This followed his comments last week that "we're going to get our troops home where they belong." Such a pledge only emboldens the Baathist insurgents to fight on, and it encourages the terrorists to believe that their strategy of car-bombing has worked to weaken U.S. resolve after all. Even more destructive is the effect Mr. Kerry's promise could have on ordinary Iraqis. It signals to those who are risking their lives by fighting the insurgents that the U.S. might not stay until stability is restored. It also subverts his promise to secure more international help. What country would want to sign on to Iraq if the U.S. is headed for the exits? There's a deadly serious issue here. Mr. Kerry seems to be saying that he disagrees with the post-9/11 U.S. policy to go on the offensive against terrorists by taking the battle to them on their turf, far from American shores. U.S. troops, he says, "belong" at home. But if terrorists conclude they have successfully pushed U.S. troops out of Iraq, they will only escalate their attacks on Americans elsewhere, including here at home. The Kerry strategy is one of perpetual and vulnerable defense. Every time he speaks these days, the Senator suggests that his real security instincts are closer to the U.S. policy of September 10.

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

A Terrific Quote..........

"Putting Democrats in charge of foreign policy is like giving the car keys and a bottle of whiskey to a teenager." ~Humorist P.J. O'Rourke~

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Kerry Camp and Media hypocrite's

A new Bush ad has appeared this week discussing post 9/11 and terrorism. Media "analysts" and pundits as well as the Kerry camp are invoking strong objections to use of 9/11 as Bush "desperation" for "looking backwards" instead of forwards. Kerry is using a history he carefully choreographed 30+ years ago as the centerpiece of his campaign. Who is looking back? For weeks the news and interviews are about his swift boat "heroism", Christmas in Camobodia and his war record. When he is questioned about this the dems and colleagues in the press invoke "unfairness." They are even trying to slip out of the noose around their necks from Kerry's lies to the Senate and the public at large about his medals and war record. He can't hide the facts as they leak out with hundreds of brother's in arms of the past coming forward to refute his record. George W. Bush didn't ask for 9/11. The incompetence of 8 years of Clinton/Gore brought us that. Mr. Bush was left picking up the pieces of a recession and terrorist buildup which occurred on the watch that Kerry supported. Simply look at his voting record. He also was part of the problem. President Bush is a War President, not of his own making. Kerry is telegraphing his plan to cut and run to the terrorists. A dangerous political statement to gain the power of the Presidency. Kerry claims there is no plan for peace while he only provides a statement of troop removal. Once again Kerry is a man without a plan. Only desperate statements are a part of his flip-flop rhetoric.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

More Kerry Flip-Flop

Now John Kerry wouldn't change a thing. He would have executed a war against Iraq based on the intelligence available at the time. Gee, would he have voted to supply our troops with body armor and other combat essential or does he still find that unnecessary while prosecuting a war? Of course, the man without a plan would have done things differently. However, he can't seem to get out from behind sound bites and hyperbole while on the campaign stump. Maybe he is consulting Hanoi Jane.

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Kerry Presidency.....Stock Market Tanks

Candidates always claim that their policies will improve economic outcomes if they are elected and the Kerry campaign is no different. Financial market developments have advanced enough that we can now evaluate what the markets think about a candidates promises. If equity markets had a vote, it seems they would cast it for President Bush. It has become apparent that the economy would have been weaker and the stock market lower absent President Bush's tax cuts. Research has shown that the tax cuts have provided significant support to consumer spending since 2002, and business investment spending recovered strongly after the dividend and capital gains tax cuts in 2003 lowered the after-tax cost of investing. The dividend and capital gains tax cuts, along with the improving economy, also helped boost the value of the stock market. By increasing the after-tax value of a dividend paid or a capital gain realized, the tax reduction increased the demand for equities, and pushed up prices. The S&P 500 index of stocks rose about 26% last year, and although other political and economic factors helped, the tax cuts contributed to a significant portion of this increase. Indeed, the market rallied by about one-and-a-half percentage points on the day that the House passed the 2003 tax reduction package. Despite this record, Sen. Kerry has promised to repeal a significant portion of these tax cuts if elected, including the tax rate reductions on dividend and capital gain income. With the growth rate of the economy high but slowing somewhat, there are signs that this promise is rattling financial markets. The evidence suggests that when Sen. Kerry's political fortunes rise, the stock market tanks.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Christmas in Cambodia.....John Kerry style

I find it so odd a candidate for President of the United States would stake his claim to that office primarily based on his 4 month tour in Vietman over 3 decades ago. He acts like he was Audey Murphy. His stories don't jibe, he even claims President Nixon was in office during his Christmas in Cambodia farce. He changes his story mulitple times and his web site ignores any pre-1969 references which were so much a part of his Christmas tale. Kerry made is military experience the number one position as qualifying him for Commander-In-Chief, now he should get his facts straight to the American public. And while he is at it, please give us your platform on the economy, terrorism, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Social Security, Health Care and so on. You can't "Report for Duty" on a bowl of oatmeal.

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Sunday, August 08, 2004

Congratulations Mr. Maddux 300 Is Yours!

Congratulation to Greg Maddux, pitcher extraordinaire. Living proof brains not brawn can compete at the highest levels with maximum results. With a little help from his friend the mild mannered and reserved Maddux has returned to the team that drafted him to join the 300 Wins club. Only twenty-two former and current players belong to this prestigious and unique club.

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The Roaring Nineties!

As we watch the daily arrests of terrorists, their continued plunder across the Middle East and enormous growth one can only wonder how Al Qaeda would being doing if they had a seat on the stock market. The nineties are remembered as an economic boom time with record stock prices, high consumer confidence, consumer spending, and job growth. The good times. However, behind the scenes were the great corporate scandals, movement towards recession, as well as development and escalation of terrorist groups. While our intelligence agencies and military were underfunded and largely ignored the nineties could actually be known as "The Great Snooze." Enter the knew millenium and the Bush Administration. Already hated by the left the new adminstration was expected to repair the ills of the Clintons in eight short months. As time passes it is telling how well and how organized our enemies became while the Clintons played. Our economy was headed for a collapse but tax restructure actually brought growth and ended the recession. The Bush Aministration has rebuilt the military, indicted and prosecuted the corporate thugs and has designed plans to fight terrorism around the world. All daunting tasks. While the liberal press indicts the Administration for statistics they don't understand the demand curve for terrorist recruitment is moving upward to the right. Four more years of George W. Bush will right the ship and move that curve downward. George W. Bush didn't ask for this fight but his decisive leadership has indeed awakened the world that we will take this fight to the terrorists in their caves, holes, camps and religious hideouts.

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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Kerry Flip-Flop State to State

Yesterday John Kerry once again flip flopped from one state to another, he just can't get it straight. Here's how President Bush explains it on the campaign trail. BUSH: It's going to be an interesting campaign. We have big differences of opinion. For example, we have a difference of opinion over the heart and soul of America. See, my opponents believe you can find the heart and soul of America in Hollywood. I think you can find it right here in Saginaw, Michigan. (Applause.) AUDIENCE: USA! USA! USA! THE PRESIDENT: That's not the only thing my opponent seems a little confused about. The other day in Ohio, he said that there's nothing better than Buckeye football, period. AUDIENCE: Booo! THE PRESIDENT: Then he came to Michigan. First he told the crowd, "I go for the Buckeye football. That's where I'm coming from." No, I know, that's not what the Michigan folks were expecting to hear. (Laughter.) Then he remembered where he was and he called an audible. (Laughter.) He said that the University of Michigan was a powerhouse of a team. You see, my opponent is a Washington politician who's taken both sides of just about every issue, including Big Ten football. (Applause.)

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No Girlie Men at Republican Convention

The GOP prime-time speakers of Schwartzenegger, Giuliani, McCain, Cheney and Bush may attract larger television audiences than the Democrats' selections of Girlie Men Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Clinton, Edwards and Kerry. Compare these speakers. Gore has shown his alter-ego with balistic speeches and temper tantrums as well as trying to convince us he is "The Father of the Internet." Jimmy Carter the President who brought us 22% interest rates, gas lines and closed gas stations, hostages in Iran and of course Malaise. Clinton gave us Military on food stamps, pants down around the ankles and sex in the oval office, lying to a grand jury and impeachment for good measure. Edwards and Kerry haven't provided this country with anything of substance. On the other hand, Schwartzenegger, Giuliani, McCain, Cheney and Bush all demonstrate leadership in the face of great odds. Period!!!!!

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Kerry: Protestor Not Prosecutor of War On Terror

John Kerry is still the anti-war activist, bleeding heart Liberal that we see in old video clips with Dick Cavit, at the 1971 Senate hearings and his 19 year Senate voting record. These facts cannot be denied or swept under the rug. Kerry's speech is significant in that he speaks about defending our homeland when we are attacked, so waiting for the enemy to plan and carry out it's venegance on our homeland is his military mantra. Kerry's speech signals a Foreign Policy predicated on U.N. approval and "Allies" who vote against our policies at every turn. In fact, the "Allies" Mr. Kerry is referring to are Germany, France and Russia all countries who have significant participation and dealings with our enemies. These "Allies" have left fingerprints all over Iraq and have provided a means in which our soldiers are killed. Kerry's speech was also significant in what it didn't say. Missing were any reference to Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, Afganistan or Taliban. Hmmmmmmm......Where does Kerry stand?

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Liberals against Washington and Adams.

Many American voters are unaware of the filibustering tactics of Leahy, Daschel and Schumer et al to prevent judicial nominees to have a fair vote on the Senate floor. These tacits are in direct conflict with our Founding Fathers and the Constitution of the United States.

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Hey Dem's - Watch Out What You Ask For....

Because you may get it! Still crying over the 2000 elections, which was proved legitimate by recount after recount after recount the Democrats and especially the Congressional Black Caucus have asked for U.N. Observers to monitor our election. The U.N. couldn't monitor Saddam Hussein and Oil-For-Food without getting in bed with him. President Bush has invited an international organization who specializes in monitoring elections around the world. This should solve the "Disenfranchisement" claims by Jesse Jackson & Co. But of course only if they win. If they lose the President will be accused of using a partisan group even though they presently accept this Olive Branch extended by Mr. Bush. President Bush, once again, has demonstrated his strong leadership and fairness.

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Bob Kerrey on John Kerry

Former Senator and 9/11 commissioner Bob Kerrey (D) provided an interesting comment in reference to John Kerry's suggestion the commission should work another 18 months on it's proposals. Mr. Kerrey (Bob) says, "I love John Kerry and I intend to vote for him. My confidence in him was shaken when he said that we ought to work for 18 more months," said commission member Bob Kerrey. " If your confidence in the candidate is so shaken why are you voting for him? Mr. J. Kerry wants the commission to have a prominent role in doing what congress should do. Make adjustments and laws to implement some of the commission recommendations. The report is not a complete playbook for reform but a map. Hearings and testimony are what make proper legislation. But of course John Kerry can't show up to do his job so he wants someone else to do it for him. That's leadership???????

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Friday, August 06, 2004

The Clinton Legacy Grows.....UGH!!

Ann Coulter gives us some more wisdom on the never ending seedy side of the Clinton Administration long after it's gone New York or wherever carpetbaggers run off to.

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Forget Kerry's Vietman Record....NOT!

President Bush, John McCain and other Republicans are denouncing the recent ad by Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. (See my other post) Kerry himself tried to have the ad stopped. How's that for freedom of speech. Kerry doesn't like this ad but is the beneficiary of $64 million in Bush attack ads which he has no problem with. And Kerry condones Moores disgusting fictional "documentary", and the uninformed Hollywood elites. If it's truth you want simply check Kerry's dismal voting record on defense over two decades. Yes, defense, military spending to protect ourselves. And if you wish to examine Kerry's character and his concern for our military all one has to check is his vote against $87 Billion for troops at war facing our enemies on a daily basis. That alone is impeachable and doing so for political gain is treasonous. If Kerry doesn't want his military record examined than he shouldn't have used it as the centerpiece for the DNC Convention. Why wasn't Jane Fonda a keynote speaker? Her presence would have fit in nicely with his post-military record. Afterall Kerry's indictment of Vietnam came with his admission of committing war crimes and indulged our enemy to use him to further emotionally torture our POW's. How's does Kerry account for that?

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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Yankee's Have Drained Their Swamp

Over the years the Yankees have paid the price for getting all the "name" players and bloating their payroll so they could buy a winner. It didn't always work and now they failed to get Randy Johnson. Poor Randy and Poor George. And good for baseball. What the Yankees have managed to do is drain their minor league system into a symbol of farm club mediocrity. The good news is there are still alot of teams better than the Yankees at the major league level and certainly in the minors.

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Bin Laden's Money Trail

Why do the conservatives uncover the Oil-For-Food-Program scandal and liberals tend to sweep it under the rug? It's difficult to find a real discussion on the probe unless you look at the Wall Street Journal or Weekly Standard. Once again Claudia Rosett of the WSJ has detailed some interesting What-If's and Facts to demonstrate how Bin Laden was able to financially recover upon leaving the Sudan in the mid-nineties to finance Al Qaeda from Afganistan. The link to Sadaam Hussein is obvious unless you're liberally blind.

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Chicago's Democratic Machine

Mayor Daley, following inline with his legendary father, certainly has kept the infamous political machine running and well greased over the years. While Democrats nationally still pooh pooh over the 2000 election for President as "Stolen" one must ask itself about the word "Stolen" in an election. Afterall, the Daley machine perfected the art of filling the ballot box. It was Daley #1 who always stated at election time, "Don't forget to vote, and vote often." This was in reference to the many dead voters, and ghost voters whose names appeared on voting registers. It is well documented that ghost voting was rampant in Milwaukee and St. Louis in 2000. And of course Al Gore had a meltdown trying to keep the military votes in Florida from being counted. How soon we forget or how blatantly the politicians and liberal media ignore these small details. And don't let me forget the practice of keeping the polls open beyond the legal closing times. These are the tricks of the trade of the Daley machine which is mentored in other metropolitan areas of the country. This was all re-triggered today because Daley is caught once again attempting to divert attention away from his political patronage machine by blaming the reporting on Wrigley Field and falling concrete. What should really be reported this election year is the notorious habit of "Votes falling from the sky" in heavily Democratic wards in U.S. cities.,1,5704893.story?coll=chi-news-hed

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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Night of the Grizzly

Here is an interesting article on the renowned Grizzly Bear in Montana. It's a Wall Street Journal piece so the link may only work for subscribers. Good Luck!,,SB109158414206382431,00.html?mod=yahoo_itp&ru=yahoo

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Pooh Pooh Poor Boston Fans

I have read one too many articles from the Boston press corp and press/BoSox Fans ripping Nomar Garciaparra. First they are certainly an ungrateful bunch. Numbers don't lie and Nomar has superb numbers for a shortstop and for any other position player for that matter. The venom being spewed at this ballplayer who was the toast of the town for many years seems like a reflection of the Democratic Conventioneers behind the scenes spewing their Bush hatred. At the very least, Mr. Garciaparra has been very diplomatic in his press conferences and speaks repectfully of Boston. Maybe the new Boston ownership is simply clueless. They shopped Nomar publicly which is embarrassing in itself. Then they give him away and the Cubs paid next to nothing to have Nomar replace a huge gap in the position and batting order. And so much about his bad ankle. Well Mr. Theo IneptStein, I have watched Mr. Garciaparra streak down the first baseline and move from first to third very quickly. Not like the "gimp" you folks claim he is. And as far as defense, Nomar has made several extremely nice plays in just two games. His defense is excellent. He moves well laterally and in on short hop grounders. He is exemplary moving away from the infield on pop ups and across and out behind third to foul territory. Boston management should go take a view inside the looking glass. What they will see is number five wearing blue pinstripes and receiving the "Standing O" all over the country from adoring and appreciative Cub fans. Thank you Boston. Your loss is our ride to the post season.

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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

As Far As Reality TV Shows Go.............

I don't watch reality TV but I did see where NBC just might have come up with a reality series to trump its own "The Apprentice.'' It's going to be a winter delight, a six-week reality series called "Sports Illustrated's Fresh Faces Competition.'' The object of which is determining two finalists to appear in SI's swimsuit issue. As though the audience for that issue focuses on fresh faces. NOT!!!

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Indiana Small Business and Sen. Evan Bayh

Today I met and listened to Senator Evan Bayh who in recent years has initiated a combined Job Fair and Small Business Expo which features employers and agency representatives who help the entrepreneur nurture and grow their businesses. Participants were Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Federal Department of Commerce, Indiana Small Business Administration, The Dean of Business at Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne Campus, Fort Wayne Mayor Graham Richard and many surrogates who help present and future business people reach their goals. Workshops were set up and I was able to meet like minded business people, representatives from the different organizations and I received some very helpful tips as well as information for future meetings and resources. It was very well done. Hats off to the Mayor and Senator!! They demonstrate how well fiscally conservative politicians provide insight and initiative to help businesses and employers grow.

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Democratic Love-In

Democrats just want to be loved. That was the dominant theme of the coalition of the needy confab that desended on Boston last week. One can't accurately gauge how many lives were saved abroad because of President Bush's pre-emptive policies aimed at draining the terrorist swamp in the Middle East or by tough new domestic security actions generated by the Patriot Act here at home. And while there is nothing we can do to make the world community "like" us more, despite Democrats' fondest hopes, I do know this administration's actions have generated a healthy dose of respect for the resolve of America in fighting terrorism among our enemies. Trying to please people and wanting to be liked often gets adolescents in trouble. I understand my kids' desire to act in a way that boosts their popularity, but I expect more from the person who wants to lead this country. The unrealistic prescription peddled by Democrats is unwise, unrealistic and unsafe for our national security.

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Will The Real John Kerry Please Stand Up

Democrats have had their hip-hooray and ballyhoo in Boston and are now embarked on the serious business of trying to make their Batman and Robin -- sorry, John Kerry and John Edwards -- the future defenders of Western civilization. Watchers of the Boston party may have learned that Sen. Kerry served in Vietnam, his chief credential for becoming commander in chief. Sen. Edwards fought all his battles in law courts, but won enough to become very rich. Difficult as it is, it must be kept in mind that presidential elections are a serious business, particularly in a time of war. It was hard to keep all that in mind while listening to Mr. Kerry's rambling acceptance speech, going through the usual Sears catalog of pie-in-the-sky promises and occasionally inserting a snide, oblique remark about the performance of the sitting president. At least Mr. Kerry and his handlers acknowledged one thing, that the country is at war. The differences between what Mr. Kerry espouses and what the Bush administration already is doing are not easy to discern. He promised a major anti-proliferation effort, but Mr. Bush already has enlisted dozens of allies to help intercept shipments of nuclear materials or equipment that might be used for bomb-making. The Pakistani nuclear supermarket has been shut down. He promises to win more cooperation from our "allies," presumably meaning France, since the others are behaving rather well. But even though socialist France might warm up to a Democrat who learned French in a Swiss boarding school, it will not be easy to break a French tradition of noncooperation stretching back to Charles de Gaulle. Then there is the French habit of making business deals with rogues like Saddam Hussein. But Sen. Kerry's past positions stretching back 35 years raise doubts about how much dedication he would bring to fighting the fanatics struggling to replace liberal democracy with the rigid social strictures of radical Islam or some other tyranny. His record is not one of constancy. In response to 9/11, George W. Bush also has acted boldly, also inviting criticism from the timid, by making war on two supporters of Islamic terrorism, Mullah Omar in Kabul and Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. He thus established two strategic Western beachheads in the crescent of Muslim violence that stretches from the Mediterranean to the western border of China. In the second stage of these twin wars, the difficult task is to establish institutions that can withstand subversion by absolutists like Osama bin Laden and the mullahs of Iran. This task will not be easily or quickly accomplished. If John Kerry becomes president he will have no choice but to join this battle. He was trying to persuade listeners Thursday that he is up to the job. The viewers are entitled to some doubts, based on his past record. In a minor way, Mr. Kerry was an instrument of the Truman Doctrine when he went to Vietnam to command a "swift boat" in combat against the Soviet effort to spread communism throughout Southeast Asia. But after his brief service and his return to the U.S. he set about to undermine containment by campaigning against the war. He thus played a role in the home-front breakdown that was a major factor in bringing about the U.S. defeat. As to the new war, he is both for and against the effort in Iraq. It's hard to find out who John Kerry really is. Perhaps the answer is that he is just another agile politician. But the U.S. had one of those (Bill Clinton) in the long snooze of the 1990s that culminated in the 9/11 holocaust.

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Monday, August 02, 2004

Derelection of Duty.......Book Review

"Derelection of Duty: The Eyewitness Account of How Bill Clinton Endangered America's Long-Term National Security" by Lt. Col. Robert Patterson (Retired) The introduction to this eye-opening book is as intriguing as any book on the indiscretions of Bill Clinton. We do find out, however, Bill Clinton was in fact, the biggest security risk to the United States. Not only was Clinton derelict in his duties, his staff was inept while selling our military secrets to the highest bidder. Lt. Colonel Patterson provides a short description of his military experience and delves right into security and the Clinton White House. We find out early that newspaper opinions, alleged "Right-Wing Conspiracies", and polls were more important than National Security. Oh, and golf. Patterson exposes Clinton for the cheat he really is, not only adultery, but in golf and life itself. He cheated the American citizens going beyond spin and into factual lies about our own nuclear threats. In addition to security this book highlights unnecessary world travels at exorbitant costs to taxpayers, the power of an abusive Co-President Hillary, groping female enlisted personnel aboard Air Force One, losing the nuclear code and more deceit and complacency. Patterson delivers a scathing report on the combined military experience of key White House staff (Zero) and his opinion on the draft dodging escapades of Clinton. Patterson is particularly upset with the total lack of respect for anything Military by the Administration. Lt. Colonel Patterson expected the Presidency to be of the high moral character he found in the military. He was honestly and rudely awakened by a President, who didn't respect himself, was self-indulgent and felt obliged to abuse his authority and bring shame on highest office in our land. Clinton's staff, from the lowest aide to senior staff, DOD and the First Family, transcended the total lack of respect for anything military. Hillary Clinton demanded, "No Military uniforms were to be worn in the White House." Military personnel of highest rank were not escorted through the White House but Hollywood guests were given red carpet protocol. Even the Vice-President was disrespectful to the military. Patterson demonstrates with facts how the Clinton-Gore team reduced the military strength by almost 300,000 troops, with a freeze on military pay forcing many families into assistance programs including foods stamps. While reducing the ability to sustain an adequate military force Clinton deployed troops to 5 times the number of foreign countries then in the years 1946 - 1991. Clinton's first military debacle turned into a book and movie by the name of "Blackhawk Down." After this came Rwanda and Haiti installing a socialist Anti-American President Aristide. The books Appendix has an excerpt from Caspar Weinberger whose expertise on military defense shines further light on the inept Clinton administration who tried to appease our enemies instead of demonstrate security through military strength. He details how Clinton thoroughly dismantled our military infrastructure putting our nation into an indefensible military position. Excellent and Chilling.......Read it soon.

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Lance Armstrong: American Standard of Excellence

Thank You Mr. Armstrong for your uncompromising standards of
excellence in the truly American tradition of ambition and unrelenting
passion to succeed. You are a credit to yourself and a perfect role model
in the sports world. Your accomplishments are respected in your homeland despite the
European accusations of doping and spitting on you while you raced.
A true champion, true sportsman and true American, we appreciate
your achievements and respect you for your tenacity.

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Democrats embrace the Far, Far Left

Proof is in the pudding, er, the voting record and grading of institutions who follow the elected officials making the laws that effect our lives. By these standards John Kerry obviously sets the standard for liberalism in the U.S. The only more pathetic issue regarding Mr. Kerry's voting record is that he misses so many important votes. He must be enjoying one of his 5 inherited mansions while AWOL from his Senatorial duties.

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Mr. Obama, Another Far Left Leaning Democrat

Democrats key note speaker has a past which would rank him in the top 5 liberals in the U.S. Senate. He too would sell his soul to France, Germany and the U.N. Similar to John Kerry he will be unable to escape his political past for once the words are out of your mouth you can't have them back. Uncontested in his run for the Senate out of Illinois the U.S. Senate will have one more Kennedy/Kerry/H.Clinton look alike isolating Americans.

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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Getting in bed with Europe

John Kerry and the Democrats support the U.N., France, Germany et al as their Foreign Policy platform. Great Britain, France and Germany are presently charged with "negotiating" with Iran on their nuclear ambitions. As of today, Iran has thumbed it's nose at the negotiators, the U.S. and the world. They will proceed with developing centrifuges under the guise of power plants for the country. Charles Krauthammer takes a close view of Preemption known today as the "Bush Doctrine" and Mulitlateralism, the proposed method of Democrats and John Kerry.

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Wolves in Sheeps Clothing

Mr. Kerry and Mr. Edwards, the modern Wolves in Sheeps clothing want everyone to believe he (Kerry) is a war hero, not a war protestor and Edwards is "for the down-trodden and little guy." Kerry embellishes his re-enacted military service as if he were Washington, Grant or Ike. Edwards keeps discussing his poor roots in North Carolina but fails to treat his millionaire status as a trial lawyer and courtroom spin meister as part of the health care problem in this country. As they said in the old westerns, "White man speak with forked tongue." ~Kerry~ ~Edwards~

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