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Sunday, January 23, 2005

I Can't Get Any Respect!

Ugh! I am sooooooooooooo sick of tuning in to and reading all about respect. RESPECT? Athletes want respect. Sammy Sosa wants respect? Nomar Garciaparra says Sammy treated him with respect. I'm happy for Nomar. Who in the hell do these athletes think they are. Frankly, their nobody. In most cases, when not suffering from overblown egos they suffer from overblown bodies from steroids. Bottom Line! Fans pay the freight. When crying like babies about respect I would hope these morons would shut up and play to major league standards. Sosa is making $18 million a year, lives in a mansion in the Dominican Republic during the winter and on the 55th Floor of Lake Point Tower in Chicago during the season. He lives in the equivalent of 5-6 condos renovated into one massive retreat for his ego. Not bad for a former shoe shine boy. Since walking out on fans and players the last game of the season Sosa has only suffered a one game fine. Sosa has not spoken to the press or the Cubs organization since being AWOL. He owes, yes owes everyone a public statement, an apology and he needs to start playing at the MLB level. Period. No Excuses, No More Showboating. This goes for the rest of the so called "SuperStars." Sammy when you step onto Wrigley Field remember this from a long-time, Charter Member of the Die-Hard Cubs Fan Club. Wrigley Field is NOT your house. It's my house, the fans house, a historical landmark. You don't own it, rent it, you are allowed to use it, not abuse it. Get with the program Sosa. Start acting lke a professional not a baby waiting for respect and a diaper change.

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