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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Senator Durbin....Obstructionist Hack

I am all too familiar with Illinois Senator, Richard Durbin. Recognizing him is two-fold. On one side I see him at confirmation hearings, and on TV promoting his anti-Bush administration agenda with great fervor and diminishing intellect. He is also recognizable as the "friendly" face at Chicago Cub games always paying a visit to the TV booth to act like just any other fan. Mr. Nice Guy. In essence, Mr. Durbin is a dunce. Durbin's latest escapade of stupidity is to suggest the CIA report to Congress it's methods of ongoing interrogations. He thinks it's necessary to micro-manage intelligence although he lacks the capacity to get beyond his own leaks and sound bites to admonish the White House and anything George W. Bush. The Wall Street Journal suggests, "What's really going on here is that Mr. Durbin wants to set a political trap for the Bush Administration. His proposal would in practice limit U.S. interrogation techniques without him having to take responsibility for having done so. Mr. Durbin can get good press coverage for deploring "torture" and condemning the Bush Administration, but he won't be blamed if our interrogators fail to elicit the information needed to deter another terrorist attack. If anyone in Congress really wants to ban certain kinds of interrogating, then they ought to stand up and say so specifically -- and see if the public agrees with them." Senator Durbin is from Illinois and shouldn't attempt to obstruct safety for all American's. He and his fellow Democrats should become proactive and substantive before they lose more seats in Congress. We could only hope!

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