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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Clinton, Kerry Propose Voting "Holiday"

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a possible White House candidate in 2008, joined 2004 nominee John Kerry and other Democrats Thursday in urging that Election Day be made a federal holiday to encourage voting. Clinton also pushed for legislation that would allow all ex-felons to vote. In addition, Democrats led by the "Dynamic Duo" alleged voting irregularites during the 2004 Presidential Elections. Based on history as the Attic has written about previously the Democrats have difficulty differentiating between machine malfunctions and dead people voting as irregularities. I suppose Democrats feel felons would increase voting for Democrats and having a "Holiday" would allow them to keep polling places open longer and allow more dead people to vote, along with paid homeless people and others who are personally escorted for freebies and booze to enhance the Democrats "popular" vote. They claim no allegations about the 2004 election are being made yet Dem's can't stop whining about 2002 and making suggestions the Ohio vote was somehow rigged. Kerry has spent most of his post election time attempting to convince anyone who will listen he actually won the election right before he lost it. Following the Chicago Democratic Machine line as the first Mayor Daley would announce, "Don't forget to vote, and vote often." This continues to be the Democratic Partiy mantra.


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