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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Cubs GM Demonstrates Baseball A Team Sport

With the departures of Sammy Sosa, Keyle Farnsworth, Kent Mercker and Moises Alou, Jim Hendry, Chicago Cubs GM, has cleared out players who were involved in last year's biggest controversies, sending a message that repeat performances won't be tolerated. Farnsworth was placed on the disabled list last August when he hurt his knee kicking an electric fan after a poor outing against Houston. Despite a 100-m.p.h. fastball and a sharp slider, Farnsworth never got his act together in the majors. Whether he was kicking a fan, throwing a metal folding chair in the dugout in San Diego last May or falling asleep in the clubhouse during a 2002 game at Wrigley Field, Farnsworth's character always was a topic of debate. Farnworth's inconsistency, along with his bar-hopping, whether embellished or not, became issues. For years Cubs management privately wondered whether Farnsworth ever would make a serious commitment to his profession. My feelings are the same as for Sammy Sosa.....GOOD RIDDANCE!

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