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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Disbanding Saddam's Army Proves A Correct Move

It has become generally accepted wisdom that it was a mistake for the Coalition Provisional Authority to disband Saddam's army after American forces took Baghdad two years ago. Maj. Lechner, commanding a unit responsible for training and then leading the 7th Battalion of the new Iraqi army states, "retaining the old force would have just created a whole different set of problems, and might well have further set back efforts to create a flexible, effective Iraqi army. Solving the problem in the 7th Battalion ultimately required rooting out nearly all of those officers who had served under the old regime." The pundits and critics in Washington such as Senator Biden (D-Delaware) should wake up and quit criticizing the effort to train Iraqi soldiers. Senator's Reid (D-Nevada), Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) and Rep.Pelozi (D-California) should simply shut-up and quit undermining our troops!

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