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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Don't Compare Sosa with Ernie Banks

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Now that Sammy Sosa has "officially" departed my beloved Chicago Cubs the articles are still pouring out. The one that sticks in my throat is asking if Sosa is the "Greatest Cub Ever." Not even close. The worst comparison is Sosa to Ernie Bank, forever "Mr. Cub." Ernie Banks never used cork in his bat, never used enhancements to enlarge is muscles, never put himself before the team, never needed his ego constantly stroked. Ernie Banks had the smile of smiles and the optimism that brought sunshine to the friendly confines even on cloudy days. Many other players who have worn Cubby Blue rank well above Sosa in many categories well beyond statistics. Baseball is still a team game, and the ballpark is not any one player's "house." Ernie Banks affectionately called Wrigley Field, "The Friendly Confines" and that moniker is atop the first base dugout. Ernie Banks did several things Sammy Sosa failed at. Ernie had a genuine, honest smile. Ernie was a team player. Ernie was always a fans player. Ernie recognized the game of baseball is bigger than anyone player. No athlete is the "Greatest Ever." Ernie Banks is and always will be Mr. Cub!

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