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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

European Protestors...Lacking Historical Perspective

A Tribute
The U.S. Constitution allows and respects free speech and the right to protest. Our rights should be respected and cherished. Many times we see protests as foolish, even embarrassing. However, protests are a part of the fabric of our society. As President Bush visits Europe this weekend there will be protests throughout the streets with signs depicting death, destruction, American "Imperialism", even signs telling our President he is "Unwelcome." Yes, I saw this greeting and it sickened me. Apparantly history is forgotten in Europe as it's people and leaders look at American's as rich, arrogant and pompous. These people who would follow a jack ass over the edge of a cliff, with a history of following Hitler and ignoring death camps, lack intestinal fortitude. Europeans are generally ignorant of anything American beyond New York City. They are ignorant of our small towns, our farming communities, the simple and modest lives that make up an enormous portion of our society and economy. Most of all, Europeans are simply ignorant. The Europeans were saved from complete destruction primarily by U.S. Service men. When the numbers are studied it was American blood, American life, American service that liberated Europe. In the Battle of The Bulge alone 600,000 Nazi's were met by 55,000 Brits and a whopping 500,000 U.S. Servicemen. Without the involvement of the United States, Europe would not have survived. My family had one personal loss during WWII which hurt many people for years to come. This loss is extrapolated by the thousands upon thousands of families who lost loved one's in defense of American principles and support of our allies abroad. One death, an Uncle I never met. My only connection to this brave soul were hickory shaft golf clubs and a few pictures of a skinny infantryman destined to death and a foreign burial. A young man who would never experience life beyond age 21, would never return home to Gary, Indiana, would never set foot on American soil in life or death. Now the ungrateful Europeans protest America and our President who has lead the liberation of millions more, freeing the oppressed, which is the American legacy. When these Europeans tell our President he is unwelcome, they are telling the American people they are unwelcome. To Europe and the freedom loving world, thank America for we have the unselfish courage you lack in preserving our freedom and providing it for so many others around the world. Our generosity goes well beyond the millions of dollars spent for victims of hatred and violence, it is spent in blood, the blood left in foreign soils so freedom and liberty may ring beyond our shores. Following is my tribute to a fallen hero, someone Europeans should thank by respecting America and our President. God Bless America, God Bless Our Troops. While you protest in Belgium and throughout Europe, take a trip and pay tribute to the fallen heroes. Forwarding this tribute by email is appreciated.

Milan Babich

104th Regiment, 26th Infantry Division

Serial Number 35577002

Date of Death: 30-Dec-44

Battle of The Bulge, Ardennes, Belgium

Plot F, Row 13 Grave 2
"Wars May Be Fought with Weapons, But They Are Won By Men."
~General George S. Patton~

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