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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Former Priest About To Get His

Defrocked priest Paul Shanley, a central figure in the Boston Archdiocese clergy sex abuse scandal, was sentenced Tuesday to 12 to 15 years in prison for raping a boy repeatedly in the 1980s, sometimes in a church confessional. I mentioned in an earlier post this sicko was a member of NAMBLA, North American Man/Boy Love Association. Today a sting operation netted 7 "men" with allegedly planning to travel to Mexico to have sex with boys. An eighth man was charged with distributing child pornography. Here is a list of names with some occupations of these people which will make you wonder who is living next door, teaching at your schools or leading your church. Jeff Devore, 53, of Fullerton was arrested Saturday and charged with distributing child pornography as a result of the sting, Eimiller said. Devore, a minister at the Brea Congregational Church in Orange County, was not accused of planning to go on the Mexico trip. Devore, is also a chiropractor. The seven arrested included:

  • Sam Lindblad, 56, of Albuquerque, N.M.;
  • Gregory Mark Nusca, 43, of Dania Beach, Fla., also known as David R. Busby or Steven West;
  • Steven K. Irvin, 46, of Pittsburgh, a special education teacher at Carrick High School;
  • Richard Stutsman, 59, of Seneca, S.C., a substitute teacher for a school district in Oconee County;
  • Phillip Todd Calvin, 43, of Dallas;
  • David Cory Mayer, 49, of Chicago, a flight attendant;
  • Paul Ernest Zipszer, 39, of Deltona, Fla.
Have no fear Shanley, Bubba and the boys are anxiously awaiting to meet you. Hopefully more of your "good ole boys" will be joining you in the coming months.

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