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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

France Obstructing Peace, Promoting Terrorist Killing

With French resistance, backed by Spain and Belgium, there seems little chance that the EU will put Iran-backed and Lebanese-based Hezbollah on its terrorist blacklist. That move would ban the group from Europe, making it illegal to raise money there. The French, who hold a veto on such matters, cite Hezbollah's status as a political party in Lebanon to justify opposition to any EU sanctions against Hezbollah. This is a "complex question," French President Jacques Chirac told Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom yesterday in Paris. It has recently been reported Hezbollah has offered up to $100,000 for suidcide bombers and threatened to kill Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. France and Jacques Chirac oppose anything endorsed by America no matter what the price, including saving innocent lives and promoting Middle East peace. What is so complex about this?

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