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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Going Postal

I'm a small business merchant and use the Postal System often. I have recently moved from a city of 250.000 to a much smaller town. Before that I spent years in Chicago. The transition is not always easy but one thing does remain consistent. Postal Workers are jerks!!! A generalization? Maybe. My sampling is based on using every Post Office in Fort Wayne Indiana and discovering the postal clerks are rude, arrogant and obnoxious. I started driving 7 miles to a smaller town where the people were borderline testy but "OK." Now residing in Small Town USA in Eastern Ohio, currently a Red State, I am in a Blue County. Grrrrrrrrrr. The postal clerks rotate out of a small postal unit and the cross training and lack of tact are apparent. When I drop packages there is always a wise crack, "joking" how my package is off in weight and playing this line so I wonder if I have a shipping problem or not. This is commercial mail, I am not joking nor am I immune to a little fun. When I purchase a money order one clerk insists on asking me if I purchased something on eBay. I would like to tell him, "Yes, I bought a bomb making book and some explosives." I would end up in hot Federal water with a statement like that, total untrue, but fitting into the dripping sarcasm at the Post Office. Yesterday I stood waiting for the clerk, who escapes his window, ignores the long line and begins sorting mail instead of helping customers. This tidy little postal unit only supports two windows. At the second window stands the clone of Barney Fife. This guy is a real wise ass! As he accepts a package from one customer a very elderly lady asks if they have tax forms. Holding the other customers package he responds, "Well they're not in this box." The poor lady looked stunned and confused. The clerk continued to berate her with a story on how the Post Office was not handling tax forms this year. He wasn't being professional or civil with this poor woman. He was being a belligerent ass! I informed the lady to try the main library for the forms. The clerk insisted she write to the IRS. Is this how the union protected government employee is trained to service paying customers? We worry about how captured terrorists are treated while we have fellow citizens working for the government terrorizing customers. Thank goodness the lady didn't have a question about Social Security as the union postal clerk has no idea what that is. After all, he has privatization accounts for retirement!

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