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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Jacko and Jack Asses

While packing some merchandise I have FoxNews on and it's simply unbelievable how much time they spend discussing Michael Jackson, old tape of him peeking his hand in front of a hospital window and speculating about nothing. I am not sure why stations are so enamored with Jacko but spending this much time rerunning tape of the same crap of useless reporters camping out does not bode well for a trial that has yet to happen. Personally, who cares anyway, this isn't news by any journalistic standard. They would say this is what the viewing public wants to see. Then go to E! Of course with goofs like Shepard Smith, Rita Cosby, Geraldo and assorted "anchors" these bobos need something to talk about. Jacko and the News Jack Asses! Stay Tuned.

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