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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Money Well Spent

$16 million is alot of money. This is the cost of getting rid of the poison called, Sammy Sosa. Mr. Sosa thinks everyone owes him a living. His arrogance and stubborness has cost the Cubs more than anyone is willing to admit. I am tired hearing about how much he did for Chicago. Bunk! Anything Sammy did was for himself. Sosa was poison in the clubhouse and a few players have indirectly admitted it. From his boom box set at ridiculously high levels, his corked bat fiasco, to his walking out on players and fans the last game of 2004. The only thing Sammy didn't do was get caught with enhancements which may have been the reason for his huge numbers, huge increase in body proportions and subsequent shrinking down and nagging injuries. Another disturbing quote was by manager Dusty Baker who said Sammy was generous with his time with Baker's son, Darren. Listen folks and listen Baker. You put too much emphasis on your son, fans really don't care. In San Francisco your little darling was an annoying presence in the dugout and changed the rules of baseball on age limits on the field of play. Your little darling almost got run over in the playoffs because he was on the field during a play. Dusty, we really don't give a hoot about your son. It's about the game and you, Sammy and Darren are not about the game. When will you arrogant asses figure that out? So the Cubs had to pay dearly to unload Sammy. This Die-Hard Cub Fan won't miss you or your giant ego. I won't miss your incessant complaining for respect and I won't miss your strikeouts. I won't miss your attention seeking run out to right field before the game and I won't miss watching you stand 3 feet away from home plate. Sammy..........GOOD RIDDANCE!

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