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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My Response To A Sammy Sosa Fan

Today Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Tribune responds to a "Cub Fan" who is mourning the "loss" of Sammy Sosa, recently traded to the Baltimore Orioles. The poor fellow is experiencing an emotional death and much of it can be read in Rick's column here. My response follows: Rick: The Sosa fan must have had too much "Kool-Aid". I have been a Cub fan since 1955 so this fellow really can't feel my pain. He didn't sit through 1969 and then the 1970's. He wasn't at Wrigley Field on a cloudy day with an almost empty stadium when Ernie Banks, the real Mr. Cub, hit # 500 like a rope into the front row of left field stands. He can't remember the yellow hard hats of the original bleacher bumbs cheering on my "Boys of Summer." He can't remember Ron Santo clicking his heels running down the left field line or taking a "shot" off of his chest at third base. He can't remember an "over-played" Cubs team managed by Leo "The Lip" Durocher dragging in the waning days of Summer 69, or the black cat of Shea Stadium, or the big flop of 1984 in San Diego. These are only a few examples. He can't remember the "College of Coaches" or hearing the baseball meeting the bat and an echo and thump of the sound it makes in an empty Wrigley Field. Ohhhhhhhhh, there is so, so much beyond anything Sammy Sosa. The 1990's up into the past season holds a huge asterik to all records for hitting and pitching in my opinion. There is enhancement abuse and record setting denial in current baseball. This young fellow has no other hero to worship other than the tainted athlete who cheats for success. Imagine how good, how talented the players of old must have been, traveling by train and bus, hung over beyond anything Kyle Farnsworth could imagine and still hitting home runs and going 4-4 on hot sunny days. He never witnessed Jenkins vs. Gibson on a steamy Sunday in St. Louis. He never witnessed "Sweet Swinging" Billy Williams hitting basesballs or no-hitters by Ken Holtzman or 20 game seasons of Ferguson Jenkins. This poor fellow only understands modern baseball, his generation of "Me" players and massive egos. He could never understand the pressure of performing while under the microscope and death threats experienced by Roger Maris and Henry Aaron. Or the pressure of playing in front of hateful racists and having your talent diminished by raving prejudice. I had an "office" on floor 55 of Lake Point Tower. I noticed the bulking up of Sammy Sosa. I experienced his massive ego in the lobby on 55 and in the elevator. Sammy was for Sammy. I, Charter Die-Hard Cubs Fan, am for the blue pinstripes of the Chicago National League Baseball Franchise. With players changing uniforms for salary increases faster than they change performing enhancement drugs it doesn't come down to one player or even 25. It comes down to rooting for the uniform, the one constant in my lifetime as a Cub fan. Best Wishes, Don

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