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Monday, February 07, 2005

Not More Disgusting Than This!

While reading online news this morning I ran across the trial of the defrocked priest Paul Shanley. I believe in the rule of law and receiving a fair trial. Too many people get tried in the papers and on cable TV. This article was about the lack of publicity the trial is receiving but some very sick and telling evidence is mentioned. One quote from a Shanley supporter is this. Paul Shannon met him more than 30 years ago when Shannon was a Jesuit seminarian. Shannon, who attended every day of the trial, said he believes his friend is a victim of hysteria over the clergy sexual abuse scandal that erupted in Boston in January 2002 -- four months before Shanley was arrested in California."These notions that Paul Shanley would deliberately hurt kids ... that is simply preposterous for anybody who knows him," said Shannon, a librarian and teacher who lives in Boston. As you read on some very telling evidence against Shanley is this. Shanley became a focal point of the scandal after plaintiffs' attorneys forced the church to release internal records about him. Among the records were documents indicating that he was transferred from parish to parish after allegations surfaced, and that he had attended a forum with other people who later went on to form the North American Man-Boy Love Association, or NAMBLA. I did a search on NAMBLA and it is as sick as anything I have run across lately except maybe the torture of children by a couple from Florida/Utah. So Paul Shanley did, in fact, join NAMBLA. How can he justify this? HOW? And still proclaim his innocence? What was a Priest doing in a sick organization of predators chasing boys for sexual gratification in the name of love? A stint in open prison for the rest of his life should be sufficient punishment, unfortunately Mr. Shanley may enjoy the "lifestyle." If you visit the NAMBLA sight prepare yourself for a walk on the side of sickness. A permanent trip to hell for these predator priests is getting off too easy! Some time with Bubba in jail is more deserving.

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