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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Notre Dame.....Who Cares!

Growing up I learned to dislike Notre Dame. It seemed to me Notre Dame fans never went there and were White Sox fans too. Double irritating. As an adult and attending swim meets with my sons I found out first hand how arrogant everyone I met working at the facilities were. They acted so important as if, some how, they were doing "GOD's Work." And of course the sacrilege of "Touch Down Jesus" proclaiming Notre Dame football above all else. Yeah Right! In case you're not aware, I am talking about a mural of Jesus Christ on a building just outside of one end zone of the football stadium. With hands raised high above head and shoulder's, Notre Dame elite believe Jesus roots only for the Irish. BULL! Looking for Cubs news in the Chicago Tribune I ran across a story about Tyrone Willingham the new football coach at the University of Washington and most recent Notre Dame football casualty. The writer mentioned how Willingham received death threats from fans. Yes death threats to a football coach, even one with a winning record. Who the hell do Notre Dame fans think they are? I met another former Notre Dame football coach about 20+ years ago. His name, Jerry Faust, a legend in Ohio High School football. Jerry could not win at Notre Dame, on or off the field. I had just finished running a 10K race in South Bend and Mr. Faust came up to me and was as friendly as could be. We discussed running and the Cubs. He was a very, very nice gentlemen. Faust not only received death threats during his tenure, he had to move his family more than once. Attempts at burning his house down were also executed. Nice people, Notre Dame fans! Based on my experiences on the hallowed grounds in Notre Dame Indiana, maybe they were all drunk, certainly self-righteous!

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Blogger Bob Waters said...

Don't forget We're Number One Moses in the opposite end zone.

Go U Northwestern!

2/12/2005 10:29:00 PM  

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