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Thursday, March 03, 2005

AARP & Democrats...Just Say No!

The anti-Social Security reform band is drumming away, AARP is using it's mountain of cash, collected not by membership fees, but from selling insurance and mutual funds for huge commissions and non-profit wealth. The Democrats are on board, they would fit nicely into the credit card commercial where every answer is a resounding "NO"! These are just two groups of people who don't want American's afforded the power of flexibility and investment diversity with their own earnings while these same opportunities exist for government workers and while AARP gets rich off a cash cow in the name of investment vehicles. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan urged Congress to act quickly to fix looming financing problems for Social Security as well as Medicare. "If existing promises need to be changed, those changes should be made sooner rather than later," he told the House Budget Committee. Greenspan endorsed a key element of Bush's plans for Social Security, a proposal that would allow workers to set aside a portion of their payroll taxes to be invested on their own. He stressed that much more needed to be done to put the giant retirement program and Medicare, which he said faced even more severe financial strains, on a more sound footing. "Diverting the payroll taxes into the Social Security trust fund," Greenspan said, "had merely allowed the government to run larger budget deficits." He said that "switching to the private accounts would be a way to bolster the nation's low savings rate." The Democrat's answer is to grab a microphone and misquote using out of context sound bites from Chairman Greenspan and to ignore the substance of his call for Social Security reform. The White House is asking for everyone to participate; Democrats don't have a plan any further than obstructing a financial choice for all American's.

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