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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Attic Quote of The Day!

"Santo should just thumb his nose at the elitist snobs and move on. He needs to let go before the disappointment kills him. And he needs to understand how inspirational he is to millions of people, in Wrigleyville and beyond, who see him hobble into the WGN radio booth in fading health because he loves baseball and the Cubs. The very reasons he should be in Cooperstown -- undying service to the game, along with Hall-worthy numbers -- are the very reasons he should elevate himself above the political fray and hold his head higher than his ballpark banner. Few men ever have meant more to the game's conscience, especially in these steroids-tainted times."

~Jay Mariotti
Chicago Sun-Times
For the Record: Ron Santo played 14 years with diabetes and pieced together a wonderful resume -- 342 home runs, 1,331 RBI, a .277 average, five consecutive Gold Gloves and nine All-Star Game appearances as one of the premier third basemen of his time.

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