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Monday, March 07, 2005

Dan Rather...Lying Liberal from the Beginning

Dallas, Texas November 1963. A young Rather posing in front of the Texas School Book Depository, looking gravely into the distance. Eddie Barker the news director for CBS's radio and TV affiliates in Dallas at the time of President Kennedy's November 22, 1963, assassination, Barker is widely credited with first reporting on the air that the president was dead. Rather, then based in Dallas as a reporter for CBS's national news broadcast and working out of Barker's newsroom, later took credit for the scoop. Rather went on the air with a local Methodist minister who made a stunning claim: Children at Dallas's University Park Elementary School had cheered when told of the president's death. Rather was reinforcing the notion among distant media elites that Dallas was a reactionary "City of Hate." This claim wasn't true, and Rather knew it! Because of the shooting, which took place at 12:30 p.m., the principal had decided to close the school early, though without telling the students why. The children at the school--including three of Barker's own--were merely happy to be going home early, he was told. There couldn't have been any spontaneous cheering at the news of Kennedy's murder, because no such news had been announced. After Rather was told the story was untrue he went on to make it the centerpiece of his news report. With the discredited account likely to be challenged by the local affiliate's editors before being fed to New York, Rather sidestepped a customary film-editing session with Barker and arranged to file the report live instead, Barker says. "And so here's Dan with the preacher, telling this story about kids at UP cheering when told the president was dead." Livid at being lied to, Barker laid into Rather as soon as he returned to the newsroom, expelling the reporter and all his national-news colleagues from the building on the spot. "I said 'Get the hell out of here--you and this whole damn bunch!'" he says. As Barker himself--a CBS newsman for most of his career--says, "Anybody who followed CBS's coverage last year knows that they were doing a gut job on the President." So Mr. Rather was consistent, doing his job the same way for 40 + years with the blessing of CBS. Source: The Weekly Standard

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