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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Democrats Just Don't Get It

Indiana Senate Bill 483 could be voted on Monday by the House Elections and Apportionment Committee. The law would make Indiana the only state requiring voters to show a photo ID, with no other forms of identification allowed. Republicans have said the law would help fight vote fraud and maintain integrity at the polls. But Democrats have said the law would make voting difficult for low-income and elderly people who don't have state or federal IDs or driver's licenses. The bill also would offer free state-issued photo IDs to those who can't afford the $9 charge. The state would also have to mail out notices alerting citizens to the requirement. Of course the Dem's don't offer a solution at the state level, very similar to their Washington D.C. counterparts in Congress. Whine and complain but never offering any methods to improve failed systems is the Democrats mantra. I suppose getting a photo ID for the many deceased voters on Democratic rolls poses a dilemma for liberals. Source: UPI

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