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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Hey Guys!!!

Something dreadful has happened to America's "English" version of language over the years. Sometime, someplace everyone has become a "Guy." Is this what feminists wished for? They simply wanted to become 'one of the guys'? I wasn't born yesterday so my upbringing resulted from a household and society of respect for fellow citizens, when greetings were polite, sincere and accurately acknowledged one's gender. This has nothing to do with transgender or confusion, it's one more disgusting change to the way society speaks and it doesn't bode well for our educational system. Checking my trusty Microsoft Thesaurus “Guy” is “Gentleman”, “Male”, or “Chap.” The antonym for guy is “woman.” However, seeking out meaning at someone is changing the definition of words like liberals are attempting to change the Constitution. We are given choices but the term itself is listed primarily as “informal.” HA! Now we have graduated into an informal bunch of citizens, but according to whom? · First choice is: “a man, a fellow.” · Second Choice: “Persons of either sex.” (Who Said?) · Third Choice: Falling under “Chiefly British”, “A person of odd or grotesque appearance or dress.” (Ouch!) As defined here, guy is a noun. But when we use guy as a verb the meaning changes. “To hold up to ridicule; mock.” It’s becoming clearer now. Or is it? It was recently suggested my age has caught up to me; therefore, I was noticing things that either existed all along or maybe I just wasn’t hip. Hmmm, we’ll leave “hip” for another time. American’s have slaughtered the English language and we speak with less civility. My schooling was filled with writing, writing and more writing. Red ink all over term papers, reports with strict adherence to proper grammar. Becoming educated should not be a problem. Universities and colleges are everywhere with satellite campuses flourishing. Unfortunately liberal educators have agendas other than traditional education. This issue becomes more confusing when referring to Roget’s Thesaurus. · Guy: bloke, buck, cat, chap, fellow, gars, gentleman, lad, man, youth · Fall Guy: boob, can-carrier, chump, dupe, easy mark, easy touch, fool, goat, lamb to the slaughter, mark, patsy, pigeon, prize sap, sap, scapegoat, schlemiel, sitting duck, soft touch, stooge, sucker, trusting soul, victim, whipping boy · Mister Nice Guy: good egg, good guy, living doll, Mr. Nice Guy, nice guy · Adversary: antagonist, attacker, bad guy, bandit, competitor, contestant, enemy, foe, match, opposer, oppugnant, rival · Boy: buck, cadet, chap, child, chip, dude, fellow, gamin, guy, half-pint, junior, lad, little guy, master, punk, puppy, runt, schoolboy, shaveling, shaver, small fry, sonny, sprout, squirt, stripling, tadpole, whippersnapper, youngster, youth On close examination of Roget’s there is only one entry that comes close to referring a “guy” as a female using the term “living doll.” Searching back to the fifties and Broadway we find the long-standing musical hit, “Guys and Dolls.” Originally written as a romance it became a comedy much like the English language Americans have transformed. I am generally in mixed company, that is, males and females. It’s insulting to have a server in a restaurant greet us as “Guys.” TV is as guilty as anyone where every mixed group is referred to as “Guys.” In most cases, differentiating men for women, boys from girls is easy.
The solution would be the use of “Folks” as a general greeting, i.e.“Hi Folks”, or “Good Evening Folks.” The dictionary defines “Folks” as follows: The common people of a society or region considered as the representatives of a traditional way of life and especially as the originators or carriers of the customs, beliefs, and arts that make up a distinctive culture: a leader who came from the folk. People in general. If your having trouble with all of this may I suggest joining P.I.S.S.R. for any transgender issues you may have. In the mean time, get educated! We live in a society rich in schools, if not in schooling. Self-education is a wonderful tool, even if your formally educated.
If you're having trouble deciphering this then Duh!...Whatever!...Get Over It!...and see you Guys later!

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