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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Iraqi Licensing Exam for Italian Anti-American/Communist Journalists

You are approaching a checkpoint where there are armed troops waving flashlights and firing warning shots over your vehicle. You: a) Stop b) Speed up c) Immediately make a U-turn and head for the nearest cafe for espresso and gelato d) Crap your pants e) Scream and waive like an Arab terrorist to further get the Americans’ attention f) Proceed upwind from checkpoint, throw up hands to surrender and wait for U.S. troops to pass out g) Surrender to anyone on road prior to hitting checkpoint, explaining that Italy has a fine tradition of surrendering in modern times commencing with Ethiopia in 1896 h) Play “My Way” by Frank Sinatra on car horn as you approach i) Put on sunglasses to cut down the glare from the flashlights Source: Zacht Ei

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