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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Is This Woman Delusional?

"France and the United States, both countries are the founding fathers of democracy and human rights. We have a special responsibility as permanent members of the Security Council and we have a "universal vision" of the world. We want to combat terrorists and prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction in the world. France has a glorious military tradition and has troops serving in the field in Afghanistan, the Balkans, Africa and Haiti. In Kosovo, 3,000 French soldiers are deployed side by side with 1,800 American soldiers; in Afghanistan, our forces are also operating side by side as are our ships in the Gulf of Oman and reconnaissance aircraft in Djibouti. Our intelligence services and special forces also cooperate closely and appreciate working together. France is a driving force in European integration and in strengthening European defense."

~Ms. Alliot-Marie
Defense minister of France
She seems to think a 50-50 partnership between the U.S. and France somehow exists and all is well on the Western Front. Put your crack pipe away Ms. Alliot-Marie! She never mentioned the recent French Follie known as the Ivory Coast.

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