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Thursday, March 24, 2005

It's Knight Time!

As a graduate of Indiana University and follower of legendary coach Bob Knight I'm delighted to see Texas Tech still in the NCAA basketball tournament. There is some praise for the successful coach but it's easier to find pictures of the Coach scowling, frowning, growling. And references to him as a "Pit Bull." Seldom do we see an article praising Coach Knight for his accomplishments as a teacher, a disciplinarian and his high standards for honesty. It's too easy for the sportswriting hacks to criticize the coach who won Olympic gold with amateurs. In a week where a young boy opens fire in a school killing classmates, in a society of hip-hop, large egos, baggy basketball uniforms and the "look at me" crowd it's nice to see a basketball team without jersey names, no "Number 1" and students who are clean cut and scheduled to graduate from college. A team who praises their coach while sportwriters and pundits remain critical. Indiana University isn't in the "Big Tournament", their team sitting in ruins and banners of previous championships relegated to the rear of the basketball arena dressed in cream and crimson. Coach Knight is coaching from the quiet corner of Lubbock Texas, away from the glitter, out from under the microscope. Texas Tech basketball is someplace it has never been, with players no program recruited and student athletes who will graduate from college. It's about time the record is set straight.

Bob Knight is his own man, one who represents high principles, expectations and demands for his players, his coaching staff and, most of all, himself. But he is foremost an educator. His ability to teach young men the game of basketball and the game of life is one of his most noted characteristics.

Coach Knight has proven over and over again that he is the finest basketball coach in America. No other coach can cite NCAA and NIT championships and Olympic and Pan American gold medals among his achievements. There are only two coaches in the history of collegiate basketball who have won more than the three national championships Knight has won during his career. His coaching achievements were honored in May of 1991 when he was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Coach Knight continues to achieve and young men are grateful and better off for it.

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