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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Jesse Jackson's Ulterior Motive

Jesse Jackson has done little in his career that would not bring attention to himself. The Terri Schiavo case is one in hundreds of examples where Mr. Jackson shows up for a "cause" which is too little too late. After days and weeks of wrangling Jackson arrives on the scene at the midnight hour to complain for a cause other than Terri Schiavio. Jackson is an opportunist and is simply using this circus to further his cause, which is Jesse Jackson. "I implore them to apply this same passion for Terri Schiavo to the young infants and children dying of starvation and lack of prenatal and postnatal care," Jackson said in a statement released by the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, his Chicago-based group. "Those on food stamps need a feeding tube to fend off poverty." It should be noted that Rainbow/PUSH Coalition was Jackson's feeding tube throughout his career until he bankrupted it. When the PUSH patient began to recover Jackson returned as its "leader" after his hiatus from the organization for many years of financial difficulties. Jackson has an agenda and it's not Terri Schiavo, but his inability to refrain from the TV cameras and press corp. Opportunity was knocking and zealot Jackson could no longer resist.

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