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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Knaves of The Day!

No doubt the 'Knaves of the Day' are the Baseball Hall of Fames Veteran's Committee who failed to vote Ron Santo, former Chicago Cubs all-star third baseman, into Cooperstown. Of significant note is three (3) members did not even turn in a ballot. These anonymous individuals should be banned from the committee. Their votes would not have gotten Santo to the promised land of baseball legend but I don't see any excuse for not voting. Santo's baseball statistics are better than others who are in the Hall of Fame. This is, in part due to politics and unfair practices of the past. What is ignored, however, is Santo played with diabetes, a disease which is hard to control and effected his day to day abilities. Santo never told anyone of his disability until after his playing career had ended. It's about the "Tale of the Tape" and Santo's statistics speak for themselves. Ron is an inspiration to everyone as a leader in Juvenile Diabetes support and Cub radio broadcaster who suffers from heart disease and has lost both his legs due to complications from his diabetes. Yet Santo gets around the stadiums, clubhouses and manages a sunny outlook in the tradition of Ernie Banks. GOD Bless Ron Santo, he is what sports legends are made of.

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