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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sean Hannity...So Full of Himself

I will write more on talk radio, a viewpoint from a conservative, another time. But I must tell you, Sean Hannity of FoxNews and talk radio is as big a "blow gut" as Rush Limbaugh. Hannity is so self-promoting and arrogant it's amazing how many people call in to praise his every word and call him "A Great American." Yeah Right, a great American for a price. A recent caller asked Hannity why he never went to Iraq. There was stunned silence and then some muttering. No, not from the caller but from Hannity. The caller pressed him and all Hannity could say is it's difficult to set something like a visit to Iraq up. The caller pressed on mentioning Hannity and his many contacts. Uh, Uh, Uh!!! The caller mentioned his close friend Oliver North, wouldn't that be easy to arrange, go with him on one of his many visits. Well, Uh, Yeah, Maybe. So Hannity interviews Tommy Lasorda, another blow gut and butt kisser, to discuss steroids and the congressional hearings. Hannity blames the congressmen and women for grandstanding and embarrassing the players. Hannity exclaims, "Tommy, I want to clean up steroids in baseball. But the grandstanding, the sanctimony, the effort to embarrass these guys, trying to get them to pay for college — collegiate education on steroids was so over the top, and I hope you agree with me." First Hannity you must clean up your own pathetic act! Hannity continues, "Yes. You know what? But the way they did it is they wanted to embarrass these guys. Maybe we should start asking these congressmen if they've ever done drugs. Maybe did they ever drive drunk? Did they ever drink too much? And then the kids could get a good lesson in the papers tomorrow, too, Tommy." Embarrass the players? Question the politicians? What's the problem Sean, didn't the players already embarrass themselves? Marching in with lawyers, getting caught with cork in the bat (Sosa), getting caught with viles of enhancements in their lockers (McGuire) pleading the fifth, prepared statements of denial, unwillingness to discuss the past! This is why they get paid the big bucks. No not the players, the talk show hosts!

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