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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

When You Thought You Heard It All...Part III

In my recent travels I had the occasion to use public restrooms. Nothing unusual about that and my experience was always uneventful. However, this does not seem to be the case for everyone in society. It seems individuals going through the "sex change" process are having some difficulty using public facilities. These individuals have not gone through their complete transformation into changing their sex completely. They seem to be caught in between the change. The problems for these people has escalated into confrontations and physcial beatings as they don't seem welcome in public restrooms, and they have trouble deciding between "Men's" and "Women's." Access is a problem and they want special laws and facilities to accommodate their predicament. An organization, P.I.S.S.R. had come into existence, the acronym standing for, "People In Search of Safe Restrooms." Their mission statement: "We believe that all people, regardless of their gender identification or presentation, have the right to access safe and dignified restroom facilities without fear of harassment, judgement or violence. In order to reach this goal, PISSR is committed to establishing gender-neutral bathrooms." So help me understand this. These indivduals want anti-discrimination protection as women and men, at the same time, when they aren't sure what restroom to enter in the first place. Fortunately I didn't have to help someone decide.

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