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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Attic Knave of The Day!

Ohio Republican George Voinovich has put "political correctness" into hijacking the Bolton nomination for U.N. Ambassador. Is Mr. Voinovich on board with reality or simply misguided in what he believes to be correct management style? "My conscience got me," declared the Ohio Republican. Some conscience when Mr. Voinovich perceives his conscience is bothered by the "allegations" of an anti-Bush liberal. What is bothering the Senator? Mr. Bolton apparently shouted and pounded on the door of a subordinate. Voinovich is simply participating in a smear campaign by jumping aboard the Shanghai Express.

Someone should be shouting and pounding on many bureaucratic doors at the U.N. Playing nice doesn't work with Kofi Annan and the corrupt United Nations. Diplomacy shouldn't get in the way with saying it like it is. Mr. Bolton shoots from the hip, hopefully he gets the chance to aim at the U.N. thugs! Mr. Bolton didn't have to take a walk in Central Park to get mugged.

The real kicker in the Voinovich protest is the Senator didn't bother to attend the hearings until yesterday. Seems he is acting like a John Kerry clone instead of a Republican.

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