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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Double Standard... Berger Has It His Way!

"This is one of the most dissatisfying and demoralizing legal decisions possible from a national-security standpoint," states former National Security Council staffer John Lenczowski. "It sends the signal that the U.S. government is not nearly as serious about the protection of classified information as our laws would indicate." Martha Steward goes to prision for lying to a Federal agent about an insignificant stock trade, wears an ankle bracelet so big brother can keep an eye on her and can't effectively run her company because of restrictions placed on her. Sandy Berger, former Clinton National Security Council chief, stole some of the nation's most highly classified terrorism documents from the National Archives. He scissored them to pieces in his downtown Washington offices. Then he lied about it. The documents in question detail some of the failures of the Clinton administration and fighting terrorist threats. These documents were among the most-sensitive materials anywhere in government. The Bush Justice Department and the Wall Street Journal both seem to be giving Berger a free pass, with a wink and a nod. This leaves me wondering if I can get accurate information or trust the people I support and vote for in government. More photo ops of Clinton and Bush together will keep me wondering.

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