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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Remembering "Sweetness"

I seldom watch ESPN Classic but taking a short break I got lucky. I grew up loving the Chicago Bears, aka, Monster’s of The Midway." Nothing was better than watching Bear/Packer games in the blustery weather of Chicago or Green Bay. Great Coaches, great players and football legends were made on these two teams. ESPN Classic featured what, in one human being, is wonderful is so many respects. They featured Walter Payton, No. 34, the Bear running back known as "Sweetness." Walter passed away a few years ago of untreatable liver cancer at 45 years of age. This was a terrible moment in sports history and a human tragedy as well. No matter if you like sports, hate sports or don’t' care, Walter Payton is worth knowing about. He broke records and was an absolute fierce competitor. More than anything, Walter Payton was as fine and genuine athlete and human being a person could find anywhere. A wonderful parent, a comic who once imitated Michael Jackson on TV, he was a prankster in the locker room, feared and respected on the playing field. In this day and age of sports glitter, doping, and ego, remembering Walter Payton is a reminder of what is sometimes worthy in sports and in life. If you are totally unaware of Walter Payton, do a 'Google' search and read about him. Walter was a role model of the ages. GOD Bless him!

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