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Friday, April 08, 2005

Times A Changin'...A Bar Is No Longer A Bar

Ok, I stand confused. All the commercials, ad nausea, by cell phone companies are generally about one thing. "The Bar!" Yes, in cell speak the bar or bars. I suppose today if you are bar hopping, it's about your connection capabilities, and ability to connect to a cell phone signal. What happened to the days when a "bar" was a neighborhood establishment, which existed for meeting friends, neighbors and sitting down for a drink? Yes, an alcoholic beverage. I must believe, even after some over indulgence, more substantive conversation took place at these neighborhood watering holes, i.e. "BARS" then the non-stop blabber going on the cell phones of the world. One must also speculate about DWI, DUI and Mother's Against Drunk Driving (MADD). With reduction in drunk driving fatalities, increased punishment for DWI, can laws for driving and talking on the cell phone be far off? What would these laws be? CPI...Cell Phone Intoxication...DUIB...Driving Under the Influence of Blabber.....DUIO...Driving Under the Influence of Oblivion? Of course not all of this blabber is happening behind the steering wheel. I recently observed a fellow (or guy) up against a urinal peeing and talking on his cell phone. And this wasn't even in a bar! Go figure!

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