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Friday, April 08, 2005

Vatican Should Get With The Program

Ok, let's get down to brass tacks. I am no fan of the Vatican. This is an elite club of the pompous and arrogant disguised as a religion. Known to be rich in the realms of a General Motors I can find nothing substantive about this group. Yes, I am known as direct and blunt. Too bad, I call a spade a spade and let's not beat around the bush here. Right along with Oil-For-Food and the United Nations, the Vatican has covered up centuries of pedophilia. Ex-Boston Cardinal Bernard Lay is off in the Mediterranean enjoying the wealth and weather at his knew private club. Persecution of hundreds in the clergy will simply never, never occur. American church cover up is not the only one in the world. Pedophilia in the "church" has been happening for hundreds of years around the world. The Vatican enjoys influence around the world but like many governments exists under outdated laws. This week Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe was allowed to attend the Pope's funeral with the blessing of the Vatican. In case you're wondering about the Vatican, terrorism and criticism of American involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq one must wonder how it is Mr. Mugabe is allowed to travel and restrictions are ignored because the Vatican says so. Italian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mario Bologna, said there was an agreement between Rome and the Vatican, which allows for the free movement to the Holy City. "The agreement allows for people to travel to Holy See freely and was signed in 1929," he said. "This is a very old agreement with the Vatican." The European Union imposed travel sanctions on Mugabe and his ministers after his disputed re-election in 2002. The archbishop however said the Italian government was obliged by its treaties with the Vatican to admit Mugabe for the Pope's funeral. Here is the kicker. Mugabe was seated just two places away from the Prince of Wales. Why should I be so confused, afterall, the Vatican turned a bloody eye on the Jews while Hitler exterminated them.

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