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Sunday, May 08, 2005

President Bush Has Intestinal Fortitude

President Bush is visiting the Balkans while the History Channel promotes it's one-sided special on FDR. This presentation on FDR "revealed" is missing about 90% of the facts about FDR, his flawed economics, domestic and foreign policy including intense socialism, isolationism and disregard for the U.S. Constitution. History Channel fails to interview historians with validity as they use a relative of FDR from his library as a mouthpiece and Doris Kearns Goodwin, infamous Massachusetts Liberal who specialized in the Kennedy's and Roosevelt's with a touch of plagiarism in some of her historical recounts. Mr. Bush's Balkan visit also comes at a time in which I am reading "FDR's Follies", a historical analysis of New Deal policies. FDR, his cabinet and advisors were socialists with a taste for European and Communist domestic policy who were blind to free market capitalism, many of whom were lawyers with anti-banking and anti-corporation prejudice. Not only was the New Deal flawed, Roosevelt mismanaged U.S. foreign policy and gave in to the Soviet Union which led to 50 years of "Cold War" and oppression in Eastern Bloc countries. Today the Associated Press claims President Bush is "second guessing" FDR when Mr. Bush singles out the 1945 Yalta agreement as flawed. "We will not repeat the mistakes of other generations, appeasing or excusing tyranny, and sacrificing freedom in the vain pursuit of stability," the president said. "We have learned our lesson; no one's liberty is expendable. In the long run, our security and true stability depend on the freedom of others," proclaims the President. Simply put the Yalta accord gave Stalin control of the whole of Eastern Europe, leading to criticism that Roosevelt had delivered millions of people to communist domination. Who can deny this? President Bush is correct when stating, "Once again, when powerful governments negotiated, the freedom of small nations was somehow expendable," the president said. "Yet this attempt to sacrifice freedom for the sake of stability left a continent divided and unstable." Many wish to refer criticism of FDR as "Far-Right" bluster. Research and historical analysis reveal an FDR flawed.

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