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Friday, August 26, 2005

Say It Ain't So...Is There No Crafting Pride?

After years of resistance, if not outright disdain, a growing number of small U.S. brewers are braving beer snobs' barbs and putting their beer in aluminum. We certainly are in favor of marketing and small business growth, but canning these hand-crafted beauties? Grrrrr. The can is becoming popular with microbrews, actually increasing sales in leaps and bounds. xxx According to the Wall Street Journal in their own "unscientific" test, of the 16 beers tasted from cans, in average scores, rated four of the five top spots Could it be a canned beer apocalypse. We fear many of these beer drinkers simply have their taste all in their mouth. Or........Not! Patriot and Brewer Samuel Adams is rolling over in his grave.

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